SS TON Original Players Bats 2022 IPL Edition- Review

SS TON Original Players Bats 2022 IPL Edition- Review

SS TON Original Players Bats 2022 IPL Edition- Review

In this video, Amar from CSO reviews some fantastic Original Players Bats. All these bats are player graded and made as per the requirements of International cricket stars. These significant bats came from the SS factory. Hand-picked Grade 1 English willow was used for making all these magnificent bats.


Amar reviewed the following line-up of the bats. These bats will surely help you cross those extra yards.


The SS TON SURYA KUMAR YADAV is a Grade 1 English willow bat. You can expect a long inning of solid hitting, good shock absorption with curved edges, and a mid-swell position. The bat is evenly balanced with clean willow having 8-14 nice straight grains. These bats have a spine height of 64-65mm thick, 40mm edges, and weigh 2lb 9oz. The round and slim handle on the bat needs an extra grip that will allow the batter to have great control of the bat.


This bat weighs 2lb 9oz and feels light in the pickup, around 2oz lighter, which allows the batter to play shots more aggressively. The bat contains 8-9 straight clean grains with a thick toe at the bottom. Since all these bats are player graded, It provides a massive sweet spot from mid to low position and a satisfying ping sound.


The SS TON DAVID MALAN is a round handle bat with 10-11 straight grains. With this number of grains, one will surely get top performance from the bat. The pickup on the bat is very light, giving batters fantastic control of the bat. The bat weighs 2lb 8oz. Amar liked the solid ping on the bat.


This bat has a slightly different profile than others on the list. The bat's somewhat concave, complete face profile, and mid swell location are all masterfully crafted to guarantee the batter plenty of power. The bat pickup is light that will help you swing the bat more aggressively, weighing 2lb 7oz. It has 11 grains with a clean face. The slim round handle needs one more grip.


SS VA 900 RETRO CLASSIC is a Grade 1 English willow bat. The latest shape with massive concave TON Edges enable high impact with optimum performance. The bat contains nine straight equidistant grains and weighs 2lb 9oz. These are full profile bats with 64mm spine height and round handle.


It is a duckbill profile bat with a thick toe that will give you better balance and control. The bat is designed for big hitters who love to clear the rope and hit those maximums. The latest shape with massive concave TON edges enables high impact with optimum performance. The bat weighs 2lb 7oz and contains eight straight grains with clean willow.

SS Ravindra Jadeja(RJ) Marwari Stallion

It is a big complete profile bat, almost full gauge, the same profile as SKY and Andre Russel SS TON Bat. This bat is ideal if you're a big hitter searching for a bat that's both easy on the hands and powerful when put to use. It weighs around 2lb and 9.3oz with nice and straight fourteen grains and an unfinished toe. The bat has a round handle with player-graded English willow. No compromises have been made by manufacturers while making this bat.

SS Ton Nicholas Pooran(NP)

The SS TON Nicholaus Pooran semi-oval handle bat has a full gauge, profile, and beautiful clean face. With massive edge thickness and full-face shape, this bat still comes with a medium weight, weighing around 2lb and 9oz. It has nice straight dark grains and pings softly. This bat is ideal for players with an aggressive approach who want to put up big numbers on board.

SS Maximus

The SS Maximus, made with hand-picked player-graded English Willow, is a bulky complete profile bat. It features an enormous sweet spot and is well-balanced overall. The SS Maximus features a vast sweet spot and is well-balanced overall. The gauge is almost complete, with a 66mm spine, and weighs around 2lb and 9oz. It pings so well with many straight dark grains providing maximum performance.

SS Vintage Finisher 7

The SS Vintage Finisher is the most popular bat of the vintage series bats, and it has a huge sweet spot that will surely help you play some incredible knocks. The bat has hand-selected English Grade 1 willow. The bat has an excellent curvy vintage profile containing ten straight grains. These bats are lightweight with a nice thicker edge and bottom, weighing 1160g.

SS Master 8000

This SS Master 8000 is made with grade-one English willow. With the bottom sweet spot, these bats ping so well. It has 7-10 straight clean grains. The combination of its lightweight, large size, and complete profile ensures top performance. This Bat weighs around 2lb and 9oz. The gold and black color stickers give it a more sophisticated look.


You can now buy all these bats at the “Cricket StoreOnline.”


For a complete and summarized review, watch the video below.

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