Kookaburra Cricket Shoes

Kookaburra has always produced impeccable lines of cricket gear, cricket equipment and cricket bats. What people may be less familiar with is Kookaburra’s incredible line of cricket shoes. As manufacturers that specialize in cricket equipment they have designed their cricket shoes to meet the rigours of cricket. The many Kookaburra contracted professional cricketers have significant input in ensuring that the cricket shoes are produced are of the highest cricket playing quality.

Where to buy Kookaburra Cricket Shoes?

The best place to get a wide variety of Kookaburra cricket shoes to suit varying playing styles and varying budgets is Cricket Store Online. As a large online cricket store, Cricket Store Online is constantly updating their stock to the latest cricket gear, this includes Kookaburra cricket shoes.

Cricket Store Online also offers great advice on Kookaburra cricket shoes in ensuring that you get the right shoe to suit your style of play and most importantly the surface that you play on.

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What are the different types of Kookaburra Cricket Shoes?

Kookaburra 780 PRO Rubber Soled Cricket Shoe

Kookaburra 500 PRO Spiked Cricket Shoes

Kookaburra 780 PRO Spiked Cricket Shoes

What is the difference between Kookaburra Spiked Cricket Shoes and Kookaburra Rubber Soled Cricket Shoes?

Well, this would be the same as the generic difference between using rubber soled cricket shoes and spiked cricket shoes.

If you are playing cricket on a surface that is made of turf and has a real turf cricket pitch then you will need to use spiked cricket shoes.

If you are playing cricket indoors or using a concrete or matted pitch then metal spikes will not be allowed as they will damage the surface. You do however still need cricket shoes that will provide you with the correct balance and the best option for that is rubber soled cricket shoes.

What are some of the outstanding features of Kookaburra Cricket Shoes?

On the spiked cricket shoes, Kookaburra have done a fantastic job on the spike configuration. It sounds trivial but this is essential in ensuring that the batsman, bowler or fielder has the right balance. Kookaburra focuses predominantly on cricket gear and as such have technologically researched to ensure that the spike placement is exactly where it is most needed.

Kookaburra cricket shoes are built with the most outstanding raw materials for comfort and durability. The quality of raw material is exceedingly high on all of Kookaburra’s cricket gear with the cricket gear being no exception. Great mesh, leather, synthetics and rubber to complete a high quality and high durability product.

The comfort and breathability from the cushioned soled and breathable mesh sides of Kookaburra cricket shoes is yet another factor that makes them so popular among players. These cricket shoes are built to last and are priced very well to sell.