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Cricket gloves serve several important functions for a batter, including improved grip on the bat, protection against the impact of the ball, and increased comfort and control during shots. Wrist support and shock absorption are also provided by the wrist tape, which fits snugly around the hand. In addition, the gloves absorb excess sweat, helping to keep your hands dry and comfortable during play. Whether you are a professional player or just starting out, understanding the key features of cricket gloves can help you make an informed buying decision.

Let’s walk you through the size of the gloves, what to look for when making a purchase and how to maintain the gloves.

Size Guide for Cricket Batting Gloves

It is essential to find gloves that fit perfectly on your hand. Tight gloves are a sweet spot, but ensure they are not too tight to restrict your movement or slow you down. If they are loose, you should have trouble gripping your bat and hence will face difficulty striking the ball with accuracy. When buying gloves, leave some room for inners under gloves.

To calculate what glove size you need, measure the length from your wrist to the tip of your longest finger. Here is a chart for the length of different sizes:


19.0 cm


20.0 cm

Medium / Adult

21.0 cm

Large / Over-Sized

22.5 cm

Extra Large

23+ cm

Cricket Batting Gloves: Buying Guide

What Should Be The Size of the Batting Glove?

The first thing to consider is the size of the glove. It should feel fitted in your hand so that the bat will feel natural and not slip away from your hand. Having ill-fitted gloves results in a loose grip on the bat. See the size guide section below to learn more about the perfect glove size.

Wrist Tape of the Glove

Makes sure that your swing is completely supported by the wrist tape of the glove. If wrist tape is lost, you might feel like losing a grip on the bat so most batsmen prefer a tight fit and tight wrist grip to feel that they have proper support.


Some gloves have extras such as sweatbands on both sides, extra cushioning, more separation between fingers, reduced knuckle exposure, and more. These extra features vary from player to player and can improve the overall batting experience so it is important to consider even the small details.

Maintenance Guide For Cricket Batting Gloves

Here is how you can maintain your batting glove so that it lasts for an extended period of time:

Firstly, here are the DONT’s of batting gloves maintenance:

  • Never wash your gloves directly under tap water
  • Never soak your gloves in water for long
  • Never rub your gloves harshly with a brush

Here is what you should do instead:

  • Gently put some detergent or soap on the outer leather of gloves and clean it with a foam or damp cloth
  • Use a leather cleaning solution for the best results
  • Wear inners to absorb excess sweat and improve the lifespan of the glove
  • For the inner side, use a tiny brush with soft bristles and rub very slowly to clean the dust collected on the inner side of the gloves
  • Use an excellent perfume to remove odors from the gloves
  • Dry your gloves using an air dryer
  • Keep your gloves away from sunlight in a dry place

Frequently Asked Questions: Cricket Batting Gloves

Which cricket batting glove is best?

Different batting gloves are available in the market that specifically target different demands of the players. Companies like the kookaburra, SG, SS, Gunn & Moore, and Hammer are the most frequently used batting gloves as they provide top-notch build quality and design. If you consider buying one, check out the best prices at our store.

How to maintain cricket batting gloves?

To keep your batting gloves in good condition, one must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean them. It is highly recommended to clean them after every game. Users should avoid the use of oil-based products for cleaning purposes. Use a brush with soft bristles to remove dirt from your gloves’ surface. Apply leather conditioner to keep your gloves soft and clean. After cleaning them, leave them to dry naturally along with your pads. To buy cricket gloves, visit our store.

Do batsmen wear inners under batting gloves?

Yes, Most batsmen wear inners under batting gloves, as many batting gloves are inside filled with cotton. The sweat from the batsman’s hand gets absorbed by gloves making them heavier. The primary purpose of inners is that they absorb most of the sweat from the batter’s hands. This helps prolong the life of batting gloves.

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