SG Cricket Balls

SG cricket bats are a popular choice for English cricket clubs. SG balls lead the way in terms of quality. At Cricketstoreonline, we offer the following SG cricket balls:

  • SG Everlast Synthetic Cricket Ball
  • SS Heavy Tennis Ball
  • SG Club / Super Club Leather Ball.

Talent alone is not enough for the perfect game. You also need good equipment. The right tools will give you an edge over your opponents on the pitch. While most cricketers pay a lot of attention to choosing the right bat, choosing the right ball is equally important.

When shopping online for the ideal cricket ball, you will be presented with a plethora of options. It is up to you to select the right ball based on your needs and skill level.

1. The Requirement

What will you use the cricket ball for? Will it be for a league match, training or a friendly match? If you plan to play in competitive matches, there are guidelines in place for the ball you should use.

2. Ball Color

Cricket balls come in different colors. The primary colors are red, pink and white and these are suitable for almost any kind of match. White balls are ideal for day or night matches where the pitch is lit by floodlights. Pink balls have been recently introduced and with their enhanced visibility, make it easier for both players and spectators to see.

3. Material

Proper balls for cricket matches are bound in high-quality leather, with the core made of tightly woven cork and string. An adult-size ball weighs five and a half ounces, which could hurt the player if delivered by a fast bowler or batsman. There are also smaller balls that are suitable for juniors, which despite having the same potential for damage as adult balls, can fit in the smaller hands of juniors.

4. The Type of Ball

Based on your skills and age, there are soft training balls. Soft small balls are available for children and these not only fit in their arms but also help them develop good hand-eye coordination. Adults should use match balls as much as possible to get the feel for how to play the real game.

5. Ball Details

What determines the ball’s price is the quality and durability of the outer cover and the stitches. The most expensive balls are made from tanned steer hide while hide cover is used for cheaper balls. High-quality balls have around 80 stitches while lower quality balls have around 55 stitches per circumference.

Fastest Delivery and Easy Return Policy

We have a strong logistic support system that helps us in delivering the products at the right place within the given time. In addition, we make sure that the clients have the opportunity to refund without hassle.

We are aware that when you think about return policies, paranoia sets in. With us, though, things couldn’t be simpler. Our aim is to make everything as seamless and effortless as a perfect cover-drive would look.

If you are looking for a cricket helmet, we have it ready for you. We guarantee that you are going to get the supreme quality bats and cricket accessories at competitive prices that you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Shop today and take your game to another level.