New Balance Cricket Bats

New Balance has been making ripples in the cricket world with its high-quality cricket bats. With over 100 years of experience producing athletic footwear and apparel, New Balance has applied its expertise to create some of the most innovative and high-performing cricket bats. Their range of cricket bats includes three different series (TC, DC, and Burn) that cater to different player needs and budget ranges. New Balance's manufacturing strategy and process, including their outsourced production to India, has been a critical driver of their success in the cricketing world. This page will explore New Balance's cricket bat designs and manufacturing process.

Why do Fans and Athletes Love New Balance?

Athletes and fans love New Balance for their high-quality sports products and their responsible initiatives towards the environment and human rights. New Balance has set science-based targets to reduce its carbon footprint and align with the 1.5°C pathway. They are committed to sourcing 100% renewable electricity for their owned operations by 2025 and eliminating the use and discharge of hazardous chemicals. Although they are behind schedule in achieving zero waste to landfill in their footwear factories, they continue to work towards this goal.

New Balance has committed to fair compensation by publishing targeted supply chain wage data by 2023 and ensuring that all of its suppliers adhere to their commitment to responsible recruitment to eliminate the risk of forced labor. Although they are behind schedule in ensuring that 100% of women workers in their strategic footwear factories participate in training and education programs for personal and career development, they are committed to leading a worker well-being or engagement program in all their strategic suppliers by 2025. These responsible initiatives demonstrate New Balance's commitment to producing high-quality sports products and positively impacting the environment and human rights, which is why athletes and fans love the brand.

Which Players Use New Balance Cricket Bats?

New Balance cricket bats have gained popularity in recent years, and it's no surprise to see some of the world's top cricketers like Steve Smith, Rory Burns, and Joe Root using them. All players use different New Balance cricket bats that suit their playing styles and preferences. With their top-quality materials and innovative designs, New Balance cricket bats are becoming popular among cricketers of all levels.

Steve Smith: New Balance DC 1280 Original Players Bat

Steve Smith, the Australian cricket sensation, has been using the New Balance DC 1280 Original Players Bat to great success in both red and white ball cricket formats. The bat is made from premium Grade+1 English Willow. The DC 1280 Original Players series offers great control, shot-range versatility, and easy maneuverability, making it an ideal choice for facing quick bowlers on bouncy tracks. With its large edges, it is also perfect to use in swinging conditions, especially in England. The DC 1280 Original Players series bat has proven to be a reliable weapon in Steve Smith's arsenal, contributing significantly to his success over the years. Any aspiring cricketer looking to dominate the opposition bowlers should consider trying this bat.

Rory Burns: New Balance Burns Original Players Bat

The New Balance Burns Original Players Bat is a premium cricket bat designed to cater to the needs of Rory Burns and is also named after the cricket star. Made from high-quality Grade 1+ English Willow, this bat features a unique blade profile that offers an excellent balance of power and control. The mid-to-low sweet spot and oval-shaped grip provide added comfort and enhanced control, while the weight and balance of the bat make it perfect for batters who like to play attacking shots. The Burns Original Players Bat is a popular choice among cricketers who prefer a relatively larger sweet spot that is more towards the lower side of the bat. Though it comes with a higher price tag, the quality and performance of this bat are definitely worth the investment of severe cricketers.

Joe Root: New Balance TC 1260 Original Players Bat

The New Balance TC 1260 Original Players Bat is one of the most sought-after cricket bats in the market, and it is not hard to see why. Made with premium-grade English willow, this bat boasts a mid-swell and large edges that provide the perfect sweet spot connection. Its balance and weight distribution give the batter complete control and maneuverability, making it ideal for all shots, from defensive pushes to expansive drives. This bat is particularly favored by Joe Root, the current England Test cricket team captain, who has used it significantly in many of his innings. Root's endorsement of the bat has only added to its popularity, and it is now considered a top choice for batters at all game levels.

New Balance Bat Ranges

Regarding New Balance cricket bats, there's something for everyone! Whether you're an experienced player looking for precise control and power or a beginner seeking a bat that can help you develop your skills, New Balance has got you covered with its three distinct ranges. The New Balance Burn range is perfect for those who prioritize grip, swing speed, and foot movement, while the New Balance TC range is designed to balance power and control. And for those who want maximum control and shot range versatility, the New Balance DC range is the way to go. So, no matter what your playing style or level, there's a New Balance bat that can help you score big runs and take your game to the next level!

New Balance DC Bats Range

The New Balance DC range is another popular series of cricket bats offered by the brand. The DC range features four different models: DC 680, DC 880, DC 1080, and DC 1280. Each model has its unique characteristics and specifications. For instance, the DC 680 is a lightweight bat that is perfect for players looking for speed and quick shot execution. On the other hand, the DC 1280 is made from premium Grade 1 English Willow and is designed for maximum power and control. The range has been designed for cricketers who prefer a bat that is not too bulky but still has a solid profile. The DC range bats have mid-to-low sweet spots, with the weight distributed evenly throughout the blade. These bats are perfect for those who love to play attacking shots but still want to maintain control over their strokes. The New Balance DC range is a great option for players of all levels who want to enhance their game with a bat that combines power, balance, and control.

New Balance TC Bats Range

The New Balance TC bats range is designed for traditional cricketers who value classic blade profiles. The range includes the New Balance TC 860, TC 1260, TC 560, and TC 460. The TC 1260 Original Players Bat, used by Joe Root, is the most popular in this range. These bats feature mid-to-low sweet spots, allowing batters to easily play traditional cricket shots. The bats are made from high-quality English Willow and come with large edges, giving players more power in their shots. The New Balance TC range is perfect for cricketers who value timeless design and performance.

New Balance Burn Bats Range

The New Balance Burn bat range is designed for the modern cricketer who loves to play aggressive shots and wants to dominate the game. This range consists of six bat models, the Burn+, Burn, Burn X, Burn Pro, Burn Blade, and Burn Junior. Each bat is designed with a specific purpose, but they all have a few things in common: explosive power, an excellent pick-up, and an impressive sweet spot.

The Burn+ is the top-of-the-line model with the most significant sweet spot and the lightest pick-up. The Burn bat is a little heavier than the Burn+ but still packs a punch. The Burn X is for the player who wants to play an attacking game and has a mid-to-high sweet spot, making it ideal for front- and back-foot players. The Burn Pro is for players who want an exceptional pick-up and a perfect balance between power and control.

The Burn Blade is for players who want to play attacking shots without sacrificing control. It features a slightly shorter blade and a longer handle, perfect for a top-hand-dominated grip. The Burn Junior is the perfect bat for young players who want to emulate their favorite cricketers and play an attacking game. It is made with the same quality materials and attention to detail as the senior bats in the range, but with a lighter weight and smaller size.

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