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How to Select the Ideal Gray Nicolls Bat

Edge Profile

A big edge profile that increases from the shoulders and maximizes at the sweet spot. This generates great balance with an extended sweet spot that covers the whole blade width. Different players prefer different edge profile characteristics.

Toe Guard

The bat’s toe is not as strong as the bat’s middle, making it vulnerable to breaking because of the small amount of wood there. A toe guard helps protect the bat’s toe. Premium bats come with an already fitted toe guard.

Bats are designed to hit the ball around 8 inches above the toe. Hitting the ball anywhere lower than this increases the risk of the splinting or denting the wood. If your bat does not have a toe guard, it is a good idea to have one fitted.

Natural Finish

A bat with a natural finish is one with an uncovered face, which means that the willow is not covered by a face tape or an anti-scruff cover. Most premium bats have this traditional natural finish. If you’d like to get such a feel on a cheaper bat, you can bleach it.

The Bat’s Weight

The bat’s weight is an essential consideration when buying a bat. There is a lot of discussion about which between light and heavy bats is better. Heavier bats are not only durable but also provide more shot power. With a lighter bat, you can play all the shots with better control and faster bat speed.

English willow bats are lighter than Kashmir willow. As such, you should select the bat based on the feel or pickup. It is possible for heavy bats to feel light thanks to smart bat making techniques.

Short versus Long Handle

It is recommended that players should choose a bat with a short handle for better control. Nonetheless, if you are at least 6 feet 2 inches tall, you are advised to choose a long-handled cricket bat. However, such bats are less available due to low demand.

Round versus Oval Handles

Generally, a good bat can handle the shock created by hitting a ball. Oval bat handles provide strength to the whole bat structure, improving the bat’s pickup. Oval handles also give the players a better directional feel. At the same time, it is also difficult to grip a bat with an oval handle.

It is recommended that technical batsmen choose oval handled bats while hard-hitting batsmen should choose bats with round handles. The choice of the handle should depend on your level of comfort.

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