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Wicketkeeping is a crucial and challenging position in cricket, requiring quick reflexes and the ability to handle high-speed deliveries. To ensure the safety and comfort of the wicketkeeper, specialized protection equipment, including gloves and pads, is essential.

Wicketkeeper gloves are designed to reduce the ball's impact and provide adequate protection to the hands, while the pads protect the legs from injury. The combination of gloves and pads offers crucial support to the wicketkeeper and enables them to confidently perform their duties.

Wicket Keeper Gloves

The wicket-keeping gloves are designed with extra padding on the fingers, back of the hand, and thumb to protect the keeper's hands from the ball's impact. They are typically made of leather or synthetic materials and have a rubber or silicone coating on the palms to improve grip. The gloves come in various sizes and brands to fit the individual keeper's preference, and some gloves have features such as adjustable straps or ventilation to enhance comfort.

Here are some things to know about w/k gloves:

  • The fit of your wicket-keeping gloves is crucial in ensuring your performance on the field.
  • They should fit snugly and comfortably, allowing for a full range of motion in your fingers.
  • When choosing a pair of gloves, prioritize protection and comfort.
  • Opt for gloves with textured palms for improved grip on the ball. Remember that wicket-keeping gloves are designed differently than batting gloves and are typically larger to facilitate accurate catching and stumping.
  • To enhance performance, consider wearing wicket-keeping inners beneath your gloves.

Iinners help absorb sweat, keep your hands dry in hot conditions, and provide added shock absorption and ball control. Many professional keepers wear one or two inners to further protect against impact from the ball.

Size Chart of Wicket-Keeping Gloves

To calculate what glove size you need, measure the length from your wrist to the tip of your longest finger. Here is a chart for the length of different sizes:









Extra Large

23cm +

Wicket Keeper Pads

Wicket-keeping pads are carefully crafted to offer optimal leg protection. These pads are typically secured to the legs through straps that encircle the knees and calf muscles, ensuring a snug fit. The pads come in various shapes and sizes, with some models providing enhanced knee joint protection and others emphasizing flexibility. The outer layer of the pads is made of premium-quality leather or synthetic material, which provides durability and protection from wear and tear.

Size Chart of Wicket-Keeping Pads

Cricket batting pads is of different sizes, from junior pads to adult batting pads.

You can check your batting pad size by looking at the size chart provided below!

Measure from the top of the instep to the middle of your knee to get the perfect-sized pads.


LENGTH (Inches)

Extra Small Adult


Small Adult




Large Adult


Maintenance Guide for Wicket Keeper Equipment

Cleaning Wicket Keeping Gloves

  • Clean your wicket-keeping gloves after every game following the manufacturer's instructions
  • Avoid using oil-based products for cleaning as it can damage the material
  • Use a brush with soft bristles to clean dirt from the surface
  • Apply a leather conditioner to prolong the life of the gloves
  • Let the gloves dry naturally after cleaning along with your pads

Cleaning Wicket Keeping Pads

Tips for Taking Care of Wicket-Keeping Pads:

  • Clean your pads using a wet cloth after each game to maintain a professional look
  • Let the pads dry completely in hot or humid conditions before storing
  • Clean the pads only by hand, not in a washing machine
  • If the pad has a detachable inner, remove it and hand wash with mild soap before properly storing to dry
  • If the pad is not detachable, sprinkle baking soda on it, let it sit for a few hours, then brush it off


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