SG Batting Pads

SG cricket brand for 2017 is like Virat Kohli in a high pressure run chase. They have produced a line-up of cricket gear and cricket equipment that is the equivalent of every shot in the book. Not only that every piece of cricket equipment is a smashing success. One of the areas that SG have really produced impeccable products for 2017 is in the range of SG cricket batting pads.

Great Price

When it comes to performance the SG cricket batting pads are like Virat Kohli but when it comes to pricing it is more like Glenn McGrath. By being a mass producer of cricket products for the largest cricket equipment market in the world, SG can keep their prices on cricket equipment down to a minimum.

What Cricket Pads are in the SG Range for 2017?

On the higher end of the SG cricket pads there is the SG Hilite Cricket Batting Pads. These are the traditional look cane cricket batting pads. These are very lightweight and are made with great materials. The instep has been extra stitched to ensure that the pad does not disintegrate easily in that area.

Another pair of cricket batting pads that is exceedingly poplar is the SG Litevate Cricket Batting Pads. As their name quite humorously suggests, these cricket batting pads are extremely light. This makes it easy to run between the wickets and them as they give all day batting comfort.

What about budget priced SG Cricket Batting Pads?

If you are looking for SG cricket batting pads on a tighter budget, then you will love the SG Ecolite Cricket Batting Pads. These too are a high-quality pair of cricket batting pads and are priced extremely well to offer great value.

Other cricket batting pads that are worth looking out for from SG cricket equipment manufacturers, include:

SG League Cricket Batting Pads

SG Club Cricket Batting Pads

SG Campus Cricket Batting Pads