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    Please see our detailed guide to help you choose the right cricket shoes. Use the following guidelines to get the right cricket shoes

    It is critical that you get the right cricket shoe size. You can use our detailed guide so that the shoe you end up with is the perfect match.

    The size of the shoe is a very important factor because if you wear a shoe that is too large for you, it may fly off your feet when you run between wickets. On the other hand, if the shoes are too small, they will hurt your feet causing bruises and blisters on the feet and ankles.

    The Playing Surface

    If you plan to play on a turf pitch, go for cricket shoes with spikes to establish a good grip. If you plan to play or practice on a synthetic pitch, you are better off going for cricket shoes with rubber soles.

    What Position are You Playing

    Your role in the team is a big determinant in the kind of shoes you pick. If you are a fast bowler and take part in a lot of running, this places a lot of pressure on your feet. You should choose a pair of shoes with a lot of room, and synthetic mesh on the upper side to reduce the impact on your toes.

    As a batsman, you should go for shoes that free up your feet. The shoes should have a cushioned pylon midsole and rubber studs to increase the traction.

    Shoe Size

    If you are like us, cricket is not just a pastime, it is an obsession. Our hearts beat faster whenever there is a match. If you are having a friendly match with friends and family or training to become a professional player you need the right cricket shoe.

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