During a cricket game, players wear long pants. This is different from other sports where shorts are primarily used. The reason for this is that wicket keepers and batsmen wear equipment like thigh guards and batting pads by tying straps. Without a pair of trousers, the equipment will feel uncomfortable.

Additionally, wearing long pants helps prevent skin problems such as rashes and sunburn. For the fielder, long pants protect the skin from injury caused by friction with the ground when they dive or slide to catch the ball.

Cricket pants are designed to be loose so that they do not hinder the player from running. In the same way, cricket sweaters and shirts are primarily white, cricket pants are also mainly white. You can get pants in different designs, patterns, and colors from different brands.

Cricket Pant Material

For optimal comfort and performance, manufacturers use a polyester fabric of medium weight. The good thing about this fabric is that it can be stretched, making it ideal for the cricket matches. For a better fit, cricket pants have an elastic waistband.

Some manufacturers may also add a mesh lining to the pants to increase ventilation and absorb sweat. Also, most cricket pants have pockets on either side. All the features of the cricket pant are designed for maximum freedom of movement.

The Trouser Brands You Can Buy from Cricketstoreonline

We offer a selection of cricket pants from top brands that customers appreciate because of the fabric quality. These brands offer pants that are finely stitched and in a variety of colors.

  • Adidas

  • Kookaburra

  • Gray-Nicolls

  • Nike

  • Gun & Moore

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