Adidas Cricket Shoes

You are always guaranteed to see Adidas shoes on the cricket field. Adidas has a surprisingly huge collection of shoes that are not only popular among international cricket players, but also club cricketers.

Adidas shoes are designed with the help of Jimmy Anderson, informally known as England’s king of swing.

The Adidas Adipower Vector Mid Bowling Boots are designed for maximum stability, and to support you as you move in to hit the deck. The Adidas Adipower Vector Cricket Shoes are flat and have cricket spikes, which are best for bowlers and all-rounders.

If you are a batter, the Adidas SL22 shoe is perfect for you. It is designed with speed and comfort in mind, helping you convert your ones into twos and settle in for your longest innings ever.

You can also go for the Virat Kohli-endorsed Adizero SL22 Boost, which is a cricket trainer that is ideal for playing on dry surfaces

Adidas Latest Cricket Shoes Collection

At Cricketstoreonline, our collection of Adidas cricket shoes is handpicked to cover the needs of any modern cricket player regardless of the level they are playing at. The shoes we stock are made using high-quality materials using the Adidas boost technology.

Whether you are after a batting shoe, bowling boot or an all-rounder cricket Adidas shoe, we have it here. You can browse and shop for cricket shoes from the comfort of your browser.

Adidas designs their shoes with the goal of providing grip, control, and power on the pitch. There are boot varieties that have spikes for maximum traction and acceleration. Others have rubber outsoles that make them light. You can choose the type that will help you perform your best depending on the pitch conditions.

Our collection of Adidas cricket shoes exists in a wide range of sizes.

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