SG Cricket Bats

SG (Sanspareils Greenlands) is a well-known brand in the cricket industry that produces high-quality cricket equipment, including cricket bats. The company was founded in Sialkot, Pakistan, in the early 1930s and later moved to Meerut, India, after partition in 1947.

SG cricket bats are known for their superior quality, excellent balance, and great pick-up. The company uses top-grade English willow to make their bats, which skilled craftsmen handcraft. They offer a wide range of cricket bats suitable for all levels of cricket, from beginner to professional.

SG has a dominant position in the Indian cricket bat market, and its bats are highly popular among cricketers and fans alike. The brand's association with some of the greatest Indian cricketers of all time, including Sunil Gavaskar, Rahul Dravid, and Virender Sehwag. These cricketers have used SG bats to great effect in international cricket and have helped establish the brand's reputation for producing high-quality bats.

SG's focus on research and development has helped it stay ahead of the competition. The brand invests heavily in developing new technologies and materials to improve the performance of its cricket bats. For example, SG's 'Ultimate' range of cricket bats is made using the latest technology and is designed to offer exceptional power and balance.

International Cricketers Who use SG Bats

International cricketers like KL Rahul, Hardik Pandya, Rahul Dravid, and Sunil Gavaskar have used SG bats to deliver phenomenal performances on the pitch. Here is some info about their bats!

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KL Rahul: SG KLR Players Edition Cricket Bat

KL Rahul, one of the leading Indian cricketers, uses and endorses the SG KLR Players Edition Cricket Bat. This bat is designed to suit KL Rahul's playing style, with a full profile and a mid to low sweet spot, making it ideal for low and slow English conditions. The bat has a strip of heartwood, and a massive sweet spot, which is one of the reasons KL Rahul prefers it. The SG KLR edition Cricket Bat has big shoulders, thick edges, minimal concaving, and enormous edges. The bat's design highlights its contours, mainly the eccentric swell and the perfectly finished toe, usually covered in decals. Overall, the SG KLR Players Edition Cricket Bat is a high-quality cricket bat designed to meet the specific needs of KL Rahul and other cricketers who prefer a bat with a large sweet spot and a full profile.

Hardik Pandya: SG HP Players Edition Cricket Bat

The SG HP Players Edition Cricket Bat, used by Hardik Pandya, is an excellent option for those looking for a stunning cricket bat at a great price. The bat is based on the profile of Hardik Pandya and features a full profile with minimal concaving, a mid to high sweet spot, and 7 straight grains. It is a light and easy-to-handle bat with a mid-to-high sweet spot; it offers an ultra-light pickup, making it an excellent option for cricketers who value maneuverability and quick reactions. Overall, the SG HP Players Edition Cricket Bat is a fantastic option for cricketers looking for a high-quality cricket bat that offers great value for money.

Rishab Pant: SG RP Players Edition Cricket Bat

Rishabh Pant, one of the world's most destructive players in world cricket currently, uses and endorses the SG RP Players Edition Cricket Bat. The bat is designed for the needs of modern-day cricketers like Pant, with a mid-to-low sweet spot, feather-light pickup, and massive edges. Made from Grade 1 English willow, the bat has stunning straight, evenly spaced grains, and a beautiful pickup and balance, making it an astonishing cricket bat. The bat features attractive neon blue and black camo stickers and a new SG orange chevtec bat grip, making it a visually appealing option for cricketers. Overall, the SG RP Players Edition Cricket Bat is a high-quality cricket bat designed to meet the specific needs of modern-day cricketers like Rishabh Pant.

Sunil Gavaskar: SG Sunny Gold Limited Edition Cricket Bat

The SG Sunny Tony Extreme Cricket Bat is a popular choice among professional cricket players because Sunil Gavaskar used it. This bat is made of English Willow and is available with 8-11 straight grains. The bat comes with a round Sarawak cane handle, a Chevtec grip, and a full-length padded bat cover with an adjustable strap, providing excellent protection for the bat. The bat has a traditional shape and style favored by many cricketers. With its high-quality materials and construction, the SG Sunny Tony Extreme Cricket Bat is a reliable and durable option for cricketers at all levels.

Some other bats are named after and used by Sunil Gavaskar, like SG Sunny Gold and SG Sunny Tony Extreme. You can check all of them on our store.

SG Bats: What’s Special About Them?

SG Hybrid Bat-Making Technology

After 2 years of R&D, SG has developed a new bat-making technology (for some of their bat lineups) in which both sides of the blade are made from different willows. The front face and back of the bat are glued together and a crease can be seen on the side. According to SG, this improves the bat durability and pickup as the bat contains qualities of two willows instead of flaws of one.

Pre-Knocked Bats

One of the advantages of SG cricket bats is that they come pre-knocked. Knocking is a process of compressing the willow to ensure that the bat is fully ready for use in a game. Pre-knocking is a service that SG provides to their customers, which saves them time and effort. It is essential to knock a new bat to help it reach its full potential, and by offering pre-knocking, SG ensures that their bats are of the highest quality when they reach their customers. Knocking a bat can be time-consuming and requires special tools, so pre-knocking makes it more convenient for players to start using their SG bat immediately.

Chevtec Grip on All Bats

SG Bats are known for their innovative technologies, and the Chevtec grip is one of them. The Chevtec grip is made from high-quality rubber, which offers excellent shock absorption and jerk-free performance. The grip is also light in weight and durable, making it an ideal choice for cricketers. The Chevtec grip is designed to help players get a good grip over the bat, which is essential for playing shots with ease. With its soft feel, the Chevtec grip provides a comfortable grip, which is necessary for extended periods of play. Overall, the Chevtec grip is a great addition to SG Bats, making them even more comfortable and easy to handle.

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