Cricket Sets

Junior cricket sets for kids are an ideal choice to spark the love for Cricket in your kid. Before you can take your child to a youth cricket academy (8 years to 16 years), you can buy them a cricket set which is a perfect choice for a 4 to 10 or even 12 years old kid. Kids can develop love and basic skills early on by having the right kind and size of cricket gear.

Our cricket experts CricketStoreOnline have gathered some great insights and information to help you make the best buying decision about a cricket set for your kid. This includes the build quality, brands, maintenance guide, and size chart of different brands. Let’s give you a walkthrough below!

What is the Purpose of a Kid's Cricket Set?

Kids under eight years old aren’t enrolled directly into cricket youth academies, but they still develop an early love for cricket hence it is crucial for parents to engage themselves with kids through cricket sets that have the perfect-sized cricket bat that your kid can easily hold and swing. This enhances the basic skills of a kid at an early stage.

What is Inside a Cricket Set?

A Cricket set for kids generally contains a small wooden bat, a small-sized tennis or rubber ball, and a set of stumps (and sometimes a bag & gloves). Unlike Men’s cricket sets that come with everything from pads to helmets and gloves, kids' sets are just for playing cricket at the beach, in parks or in your backyard.

Bats are usually made of low-quality willow or wood, while some sets also include plastic bats which are very rare and don’t last long. If you are buying a set for your kid, getting them a willow bat is better so they can get hold of it early and have no issues adjusting to wooden bats later on. Early skills improvements can boost a child’s confidence and have ripple effect on their future skills and interest in Cricket.

Bat Sizes in Kids Cricket Sets

The kids' cricket bats have sizes ranging from 1 to 6, while 3 and 4 are the most popular. Size one starts for kids between 4-5 years of age and an average height of 3.5-4 feet and go all the way up to size 6 for 11-12 year olds with 5ft height. Size 6 bats are around 31 in’ in length.

Here is a size guide on bat sizes for kids:

Bat Size



Height of Batsman

Bat Length

Bat Width


4-5 years

Up to 4ft 3inch

25 ¼ inches

3 ½ inches


6-7 years

4ft 3’’ - 4ft 6’’

27 ¾ inches

3 ½ inches


8-9 years

4ft 6’’ - 4ft 9’’

28 ¾ inches

3 ¾ inches


9-10 years

4ft 9’’ - 4ft 11’’

29 ¾ inches

3 ¾ inches


10-11 years

4ft 11’’ - 5ft 2’’

30 ¾ inches

4 inches


11-13 years

5ft 2’’ - 5ft 5’’

31 ¾ inches

4 inches

Practice Balls in Kid’s Cricket Sets

Practice balls in kids cricket sets are either small sized rubber tennis balls for all types of weather and pitch conditions. They provide a good bounce and ping against a kid’s cricket bat.

Popular Brands and Their Cricket Sets

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