Bat Linseed Oil

There are two types of linseed oil: raw linseed oil and boiled linseed oil. While both are linseed oils, only one is good for your cricket bat. The question is, what type of linseed oil should you use on your cricket bat?

You should treat your cricket bat using raw linseed oil because it keeps the bat moist longer than boiled linseed oil.

This has two benefits for your cricket bat:

  • It keeps the bat fibers bound together throughout the bat’s life.

  • It increases the elasticity of the bat fibers, resulting in better performance and ping from the bat.

What About Boiled Linseed Oil?

Boiled linseed oil acts as a polish for the bat and gives it a varnish tint. However, the oil does not seep into the bat fibers, meaning that it does not increase performance. As such, it is always best to use raw linseed oil.

Even though boiled linseed oil will not damage your bat, it will also not have the same protective properties that raw linseed oil provides.

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