Youth Cricket Bats

Getting the perfect cricket bat for your kid can be confusing as there are different types of cricket bats from many renowned bat manufacturers. To get the perfect bat, you need accurate knowledge of the size guide, build quality, maintenance, brands, and prices. Our experts at CricketStoreOnline help you with the buying process and make informed decisions. You can call our experts directly or read this guide below to have an expert take on youth cricket bats. This guide covers the types of bats available, their size guide, and cleaning guide.

Youth Cricket Bats

CricketStoreOnline is keen on providing you best quality cricket bats that will help you take your game of cricket to the next level. At CricketStoreOnline, we have all kinds of junior bats in different builds from top manufacturers across the globe. We have top-of-the-line youth cricket bats from Kookaburra, SS, SG, GM, MRF, and Gray Nicolls, among others. These cricket bats have the best rebound and exceptional pickup giving young players excellent control of their strokes.

Types of Youth Cricket Bats

There are 3 types of cricket bats you can buy for your kid. This includes:

Wooden Bats:

These bats are made of wood and are extremely lightweight. They are not made of any specific willow but basic high quality wood. These bats are a perfect choice for small kids who just started playing cricket. You can even get them a complete youth cricket set!

Kasmir Willow Bats:

Kashmir willow bats are heavier in weight but are a perfect affordable choice for kids who start practicing at academies. This willow is brown in color and has several good grains.

English Willow Bats:

English willow bats are the top grade bats made from high quality and lightweight willow and provide perfect power, ping and durability for kids playing academy cricket.

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What are the Sizes of Youth Cricket Bats?

You need to look at certain things before buying a cricket bat. Junior cricket bats come in different sizes, starting from size 0 and going up to size 6. After size 6, there are Harrow bats followed by SM(Short Men) or Academy cricket bats. SM bats bridge the gap between a harrow cricket bat and an adult cricket bat. Here is a general size chart to get an ideal bat for yourself or your kid.

Size Chart

Bat’s Size

Approx Age

Batsman’s Height

Bat’s length

Bat’s width



Up to 4ft


3 ⅜”



Up to 4.3ft

25 ¼”’’

3 ½”



4.3ft - 4.6ft

27 ¾”

3 ½”



4.6ft - 4.9ft

28 ¾”

3 ¾”



4.9ft - 4.11ft

29 ¾”

3 ¾”



4.11ft - 5.2ft

30 ¾”

4 “



5.2ft - 5.6ft

31 ¾”

4 “



5.6ft - 5.9ft

32 ¾”

4 ⅙”

Full SH


5.9ft - 6.2ft

33 ½”

4 ¼”

Full LH


6.2ft +

34 ⅜”

4 ¼”

Some crucial factors to look at before buying your bat:

What Should Be the Length of Cricket Bat for Kids?

You don’t need a bat that is too long or short for your kid. A bat too long will be difficult to swing for a young player. So, your kid won’t be able to generate much power in the shots.We see a lot of parents buying oversized bats so it can stay with the kid as he grows. This approach leads to compromised technique and we do not recommend it. You won’t be strong enough to control that much weight and length ruining your entire play. Getting the right size bat is necessary to develop the proper batting technique.

Weight of the Cricket Bat

Weight is an important factor to consider while choosing your bat. As a youngster, you don’t want a bat that is too heavy for you because it ruins any technique you are starting to develop. As a young player, you must play comfortable strokes on the front and back foot. With a heavy bat, you won’t be able to get the bat up in time, making you slower and affecting your overall gameplay. So, a young batsman must have an ideal weighted bat with which he can play comfortably.

Does willow matter?

As a junior cricketer, you can play either softball cricket or hardball cricket. If you are a youngster playing with a soft ball, then Kasmir willow bats and wooden bats in cricket sets will be your best choice. However, it would be best if you didn’t play hardball cricket with a Kashmir willow bat. Kashmir willow bat doesn’t provide the optimum performance that an English willow bat does and often breaks easily. English willow is lighter and for academy cricket if your kid develops an active interest in cricket. English willow bats are a bit more expensive than Kashmir willow bats but they last longer.

Maintenance of Your Youth Cricket Bat - Guide

As far as maintenance (cleaning, storage, knocking etc) of your cricket bat is concerned, there are certain things that you can do to ensure the maximum results and longevity of your bats such as knocking the bat properly, oiling it, cleaning and storing it properly etc. Let’s take a closer look at how to do each step.

How to Knock Your Cricket Bat?

Some bats come pre-knocked by the manufacturer, which means they are ready to use. It would be best if you still knocked them using a mallet or a ball and gently hit the ball from all areas of the bat.

If the bat isn’t pre-knocked and you fear doing it wrong, you can send it to CSO or see our video guide on knocking the bat.

It is important to knock the bat so that it won’t break when you play. This helps in extra pressing the wood.

How to Oil the cricket bat?

Cricket bats need to have moisture content in them so they don’t get overdry and break. To contain the moisture put in by the company, regular oiling is required (at least three times a year). You should not use any other oil apart from linseed oil also available at our store.

Note that don’t over-oil your bat. Only apply a thin layer, keep the bat faced up (not vertical), and let it absorb for a day. After a day, remove the excess oil from the tissue that has not been absorbed. Gently knock the bat, and it is ready to go.

How to Store Your cricket bat?

Never store your bat in a warm place or directly in the sun. If you put it near a heat source, the moisture content will evaporate, and your bat will dry, meaning that it can break anytime.

You can visit our store’s accessories section for more bat care accessories.

What we covered in this article:

  • Types of youth cricket bats
  • Sizes of youth cricket bats
  • Weight and length of the bat
  • How to oil, knock and store your bat

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