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Cricket batting pads are the first line of protection in professional cricket. They protect nearly half of your body from a professional cricket ball that can cause severe injuries. But worry not because we have got a whole list of amazing cricket batting pads that provide excellent protection, grip, and reliability for a long period of time.

At CricketStoreOnline, we have cricket batting pads from top manufacturers across the globe. They make their pads using modern technologies that enhance cricket batting pads' overall performance. You can rest assured of their quality and performance, as many professional cricketers trust them worldwide. 

Let’s talk about everything you need to know about cricket batting pads.

Size Chart of Cricket Batting Pads

It is essential to get the size of your cricket batting pads right. Pads that are too big will be impossible to run between the wickets in and pads that are too small will not offer adequate protection. By speaking to a Cricket Store Online expert you can ensure that you are fitted with the right cricket batting pads.

It is essential to get the perfect-sized cricket batting pads as they can decide your overall game performance. Whether you are choosing a pad for yourself or a parent choosing for your kid, size is a significant, if not the most important, part of getting a cricket batting pad. A pad too short might not protect your legs as it is supposed to, whereas a pad too big makes you uncomfortable while running. As a batter, running between the wickets is as important as scoring boundaries. You don’t want to miss out on these 2s and 3s because of oversized batting pads.

A well-fitted cricket batting pad has the knee bolster snugly fitted around the knee. This means that the top of the batting pad reaches about halfway up the upper leg. This leaves the right amount of room to place the thigh guard and inner thigh guard.


36 - 38cm


39 - 43cm


44 - 48cm

Which materials are used to make cricket batting pads?

Modern cricket batting pad manufacturers use materials such as PVC and polyurethane to make batting pads. These synthesized materials are less expensive as compared to traditionally used leather. They are also much lighter, giving the batters a colossal advantage, especially in long-format games. 

The interior of batting pads has cotton and cane with a lot of foam padding, providing you with an extra layer of protection against the deadly hardball. Some professional batters also have high-tensile strength materials like carbon and kevlar in their pads for additional security. They also have two or three velcro straps made out of nylon or leather, enabling the batters to have a perfect fit on their batting pads.

Frequently Asked Questions about Batting Pads

Q. How many types of cricket pads are there?

Cricket pads protect the player’s lower legs from the ball’s impact and act as a shock absorber. Typically, they are of two kinds:

  1. Batting Pads
  2. Wicket Keeper Pads

Batting pads are worn by every batter and strapped to the batter's lower legs. 

The difference between them is that the wicketkeeper’s pads have two straps while the batter’s pads have three straps. These pads are similar in appearance to batting pads but are lighter and smaller. To check out keeper pads, visit our wicketkeeper pads section.

Q. Are Cricket batting pads washable?

Cricket pads get extremely dirty because they are the first line of contact with the ball. While sliding and running, they attract a lot of dirt, especially if they are white.

Cricket batting pads can only be washed or cleaned by hand. A washing machine will actually ruin them and knock them out of shape. If the pad inside is detachable, remove it, hand washes it using mild soap, and then store it properly for drying. If the pad is not detachable, sprinkle some baking soda over it, let it sit for a few hours, and then brush it off.

Q. How to shape your batting pads?

Cricket batting pads are tough and sturdy when you first buy them. To break the pads in, get three pieces of strings and tie them around your batting pads. One at the top, one at the middle, and the third goes around the bottom of your cricket batting pads and leaves them overnight. Try to have a net session in your new batting pads before wearing them in a competitive match. The sweat from your legs will help mold them according to your legs’ shape.

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