Kookaburra Batting Pads

When we speak about cricket batting pads, there are two things that you want, you want protection and playability. Kookaburra cricket pads combine these two elements perfectly to create a great cricket batting experience.

Protection Qualities

There are many factors that ensure that the Kookaburra cricket batting pads are of the best protective quality. First of all the premium high density foam and cane that is used for the base of the protection is of the highest quality. This ensures a protective integrity to the batting pads that is sure to hold it together and firm even against the fastest bowling.

The extended side wing is another factor that aids in the protection of the Kookaburra batting pads. Aside from assisting in the fitting of the pads, the extended side wings gives protection for something like a glancing blow to the side of the leg in an area that would have otherwise been left exposed.

Comfort Quality

The comfort qualities of Kookaburra cricket batting pads are exemplary. Starting off with Contour+. Contour+ is a system that is unique to Kookaburra that does not only assist in comfort but actually adds protective value as well. The Contour+ system is a knee bolster. The internal knee roll wraps around the knee with a high impact plastic shell and includes impact protective foam.

The padded straps on all of Kookaburra’s batting pads are of extremely high quality. This ensures that the pads can be well fastened to the legs of the batsman and limit chaffing on the back of the batsman’s legs.

The weight of Kookaburra cricket batting pads is another critical factor that aids in their comfort. They are very light and therefore it is very easy to run between the wickets with them.


A good place to gauge the durability of cricket batting pads is by looking at the instep. Traditionally, the instep of pads is the first place to start ripping and fraying from friction against the shoe of the batsman. The instep of Kookaburra batting pads is piping with leather. You can rest assured that these batting pads are therefore extremely durable. The rest of the mesh, HDF, Velcro straps and other components of the pads are also of top quality ensuring a great durable batting pad.

The Kookaburra Batting Pad Range

The Kookaburra batting pad range is extensive. There is a lot to offer for cricket gear consumers that are looking for a bargain pair of batting pads. There is of course also Test match quality cricket batting pads, made with the same specifications as pads being used by the top pro’s in the world.

Junior cricketers are not forgotten by Kookaburra with plenty buying options for junior cricketers in the Kookaburra pads range.

The range includes:

Kookaburra Kahuna Cricket Batting Pads

Kookaburra Blaze Cricket Batting Pads

Kookaburra Surge Cricket Batting Pads

Kookaburra FUSE Cricket Batting Pads

Kookaburra Ghost Cricket Batting Pads

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