GM Batting Pads

GM Cricket Batting Pads are yet another premier cricket product from GM. In all the three areas that you want high grades from a pair of cricket batting pads, you get them from the GM cricket batting pads. Those areas are namely cricket pads that offer, great protection, great comfort and great durability.


What makes all of GM’s cricket batting pads so impressive is the fact that they incorporate PORON XRD. PORON XRD is material that GM puts into their cricket gloves as well. PORON XRD is the best material in the safety industry, not only cricket, for dissipating shock and impact with 90% better results than any other material. This means that the batsman’s legs feel little to nothing even with a very solid blow from a pace bowler on a pair of GM batting pads.

The high quality materials that are used in making GM cricket batting pads are also a large reason why they are so highly protective. This includes the high density foam and the reverse cane that make up the basic structure of the cricket batting pads.

The GM cricket batting pads also come with a one piece low intensity interior bolster that ensures that there is structural integrity to the cricket pads.


GM cricket pads are often ranked very highly for the comfort that they offer batsman. The heaviest in the GM range is around 2kgs which is very light. With the great strapping system that GM has, the weight is barely felt. A lightweight and well fitted batting pad is essential in ensuring that the batsman can play his shots with ease and of course run nimbly between the wickets.

Many of the pads come with 2 inch and 1 inch comfort straps. These padded straps not only keep the pads well fastened but also are extremely well padded to offer no uncomfortable rubbing on the legs of the batsman.


GM cricket pads come with additional ribbing of PU or mesh in the instep to ensure that the cricket pads do not fray easily and offer the same high quality protection for as long as possible.

The high quality Poly Urethane material that GM covers all their cricket pads in also makes it super easy to clean. A clean pair of cricket pads is always a sign of a well organized batsman and believe it or not also goes a distance in ensuring the longevity of the batting pads.


There is a fortune of variety when it comes to the GM cricket batting pads. There are batting pads that are used by the best international cricketers and there are cricket pads for beginners. GM also has a full range of cricket pads that come in junior sizes.

The range of GM cricket batting pads includes:

GM Original LE Batting Pads

GM Original Batting Pads

GM 909 Batting Pads

GM 808 LE Batting Pads

GM ST30 Batting Pads (These are specifically designed for female cricketers)

GM 606 Batting Pads

GM 505 Batting Pads

GM 303 Batting Pads

GM 202 Batting Pads