SG Batting Gloves

The most comprehensive line of cricket batting gloves are undoubtedly that of SG.

Budget Friendly Cricket Gloves

One of the outstanding elements of the SG range of cricket gear is the price point. As a mass manufacturer of cricket gear, SG keeps prices very low while still providing extremely high quality cricket gloves.

There are many options of SG cricket gloves that are priced even below 20 dollars, that is staggeringly low for a good quality pair of cricket gloves.

Test Quality Cricket Gloves

The SG cricket brand very much mirrors Indian cricket. The history of Indian cricket is almost palpable through the brand itself. The same rings true for the very top level of cricket gloves being produced by SG Cricket.

Take the SG Test PRO cricket batting gloves. Reinforced carbon fiber inserts to the two most vulnerable fingers give these gloves high protection value.

SG have been going from strength to strength since 2008.

In 2008, SG signed one of the world’s most exciting players, Virender Sehwag. At that point, the SG brand also underwent a makeover to reflect the demands of modern cricketers and the gear that they need.

That makeover is very markedly noticeable in the range of cricket gloves. There is no cricket gear manufacturer, in India or anywhere else in the world that has a cricket glove line-up and variety as comprehensive as SG.

Colors and Comfort

SG have a wide array of very attractive colors in their cricket gloves range. In addition to this, SG product designers have catered to the desires of batsmen who like the more square fingered batting gloves and the traditional sausage-rounded cricket batting gloves.

When you choose to use SG cricket batting gloves you stand with greats of the past. Players like Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin Tendulkar and as mentioned Virender Sehwag have all trusted the protection of their most valuable assets, their hands, to SG cricket batting gloves.