In cricket, your kid will have to do a lot of running during his game. This raises the need for comfortable and agile cricket shoes to help your kid play their best cricket on the field. Before buying cricket shoes for yourself or your kid, you need to understand different shoe sizes, their built quality, and their performance. Let our experts walk you through a detailed guide on youth cricket shoes including their structure, build, size and maintenance so you can make the best decision for your kid.

Youth Cricket Shoes

Most manufacturers make junior cricket shoes with the same quality and build as adult ones. The only difference they have is their size and weight. Junior cricket shoes are smaller and have less weight than adult ones. Some manufacturers provide extra protection by adding a sturdy layer on the toe of these shoes minimizing the risk of injury while playing hardball cricket.

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Size Guide for Kids’ Cricket Shoes

Getting the right-sized cricket shoe is a must for optimum performance on the field. Picking the right pair helps create a solid foundation for success on the cricket field, minimizing injury and being at your absolute best. Your shoe has to be a perfect fit for your feet. You don't want a shoe that’s too big, making you uncomfortable while running. A small-sized shoe will make your feet hurt and sore after a bit of playing. Make sure to get a shoe with enough breathing space for your toe and sides, especially if you have wide feet.

Below is a general size chart that can help you get the right-sized shoe. This chart might vary for some shoe manufacturers.




Heel to Toe (inch)

















































Once you know the size sorted, it is now time to check different types of cricket shoes. Cricket shoes have different types. There is a separate cricket shoe according to your role in the game. Moreover, players wear particular cricket shoes for different playing conditions.

Structure of Youth Cricket Shoes

There is different cricket shoes best suited for different playing conditions made from different types of material. Most cricket shoes have metal spikes beneath them that help players to have maximum friction while playing on turfs or grassy grounds, while some have rubber soles to provide fantastic stability.

What is the Shoes Upper?

The top part of the shoe is different for separate shoes. There are a lot of materials that top manufacturers use to make shoe uppers nowadays. Some shoe uppers are made from clothing having a layer of plastic inside them. They might have pores inside them, allowing air to seep in. These shoes are the best fit for dry conditions as they provide proper air ventilation for your shoes.

Some shoes have leather uppers, while others have PU(polyethylene) or TPU(thermoplastic polyurethane). As opposed to PU, TPU is lighter and more water-resistant, which is perfect for damp ground. With uppers made from traditional PU, your socks will be wet, increasing the weight of your shoes by absorbing water. Shoes made from TPU don’t allow water to seep into your shoes.

Many cricket shoes for fast bowlers have an additional velcro strap on their top. This strap provides optimum ankle support by tightening the ankle even more, minimizing the risk of an injury. This enables them to have a definite stride while performing at their best. The toe of cricket shoes mostly has an extra layer of hard and stiff material for maximum protection against deadly yorkers from fast pacers.

What is the Sole of a Cricket Shoe Made of?

Most cricket shoes have soles containing many rubber studs. They provide maximum traction while running on the ground. Moreover, most cricket shoes have metal spikes, allowing batters to grip the ground better while running between the wickets. They also help bowlers and fielders by providing incredible friction on wet grounds. Some cricket shoes come with removable metal spikes. So, you can use the same shoe while playing on synthetic pitches. Most fast bowlers prefer to use studs instead of spikes because they provide better stability on landing. They absorb most of the impact from the long jump as they are made of rubber.

Insoles of Cricket Shoes

Many cricket shoes for batters have insoles made of soft material that offer them comfort in long format games like Odis and Test matches. In contrast, fast bowlers prefer rigid insoles to minimize pain and strain in the lower limbs.

Heels of the Cricket Shoes

Some manufacturers provide cushioning at the heel of the shoes reducing the pressure on your feet and legs while running. These synthetic materials are flexible and allow your feet to move freely. This helps you a lot, especially if you play long format matches like Odi’s and Test matches.

What is the difference between a regular running shoe and a cricket shoe?

Cricket shoes are made with materials best suited to withstand long and challenging games. They have specially designed uppers and soles for better and enhanced performance. Regular running shoes can work on synthetic pitches, but they’ll wear off quickly, especially if you are a fast bowler. So, it is best for a beginner to get a “cricket shoe” when he starts playing rather than using a regular running shoe.

Maintenance Guide: How to Keep Cricket Shoes Clean?

Once you buy your perfect cricket shoes, it is now essential for you to take care of them for better results and longevity of your shoes.

- Clean your shoes regularly after the end of each game. This can increase the overall life of your cricket shoes.

- Let your shoes become dry after playing a game in wet conditions. Moisture in your shoes can damage them over a long period.

- Avoid placing them directly in sunlight. It can affect their color and causes the degradation of the materials used to make them.

- Never wash your cricket shoes in a washing machine. Remove the laces and their insoles and gently clean them with cold water.

What we covered in this article:

  • Sizes of youth cricket shoes
  • Structure and build quality of shoes
  • Insoes, heels, outers of cricket shoes
  • How to clean and maintai your cricket shoes

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