Bat Mallet

The cricket bat mallet is used for knocking in a cricket bat. Cricket mallets usually come in leather or wood and both are great for knocking in a cricket bat. Knocking the bat with the ball mallet helps protect it from damage caused by miss-timed shots.

The ball mallet is essential for the longevity of the cricket bat as it helps in developing the mid-section of the bat. This hardens the edges and improves the bat’s ability to make strokes. The ball mallet is designed to make the bat knocking process easier. It keeps the wrist comfortable while providing an easy grip.

How to Knock in a Cricket Bat

When using the ball mallet, you should first oil the bat. Then, knock the edges, blade, and toe gently. Do not rush the knocking in process, and do it carefully. This ensures that the wood is compact and that the fibers are compressed and knitted together.

After spending at least two to three hours knocking in the bat, you can test it by hitting some short catches with an old cricket ball. If you see any seam marks or tiny indentations on the bat’s face, you should continue the knocking in process for a longer period.

In most cases, a cricket bat may take as long as four hours to be properly knocked in. Once done and you test the bat with a few net practice sessions, it should be ready for the competitive game.

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