Kookaburra Batting Gloves


There is no cricket batting glove range that is as extensive as the Kookaburra cricket batting glove range. There is truly something for everybody. From the professional who needs a pair of gloves that can withstand super fast bowling and rigorous use to the beginner who is feeling their way into fully padded cricket. The price range for Kookaburra cricket batting gloves also affords every cricketer to find a pair of gloves that matches their budget.

The Protective Quality

As a manufacturer of high quality cricket gear and cricket equipment for well over a century, there is a standard that cricketers have come to expect, know and love about Kookaburra cricket gloves. Their batting gloves are no different. There is superb protection afforded by the quality of the materials used in making the gloves with many of their medium to high range gloves having extra fiber casing on the most vulnerable fingers. This compliments the great overall high density foam and other protective padding that goes into creating an all round highly protective cricket batting glove.

The Comfort Quality

All of Kookaburra’s leather palmed cricket gloves, which are the vast majority, come with Kookaburra’s MaxFlo ventilation system. This along with breathable sides aid in the ventilation that is given to the batsman’s hands. There are high quality 50mm wrist band that aid in ensuring that sweat doesn’t get to the hands and assists in general comfort.

There are other great comfort factors like the lightweight feel to the Kookaburra range of gloves. The lightweight of the gloves in no way whatsoever is a compromise to the protection that the gloves offer.

The Durability Quality

Kookaburra goes to great lengths to ensure that their cricket gloves offer a huge amount of durability. Simply by looking at the palms of many of these gloves, it is evident just how high the quality of the cricket gloves are. Pittards leather is used for some of their gloves, with other gloves coming standard with calf’s leather, quartz leather and even kangaroo leather for some of their gloves.

The Range

Like mentioned Kookaburra offers a lot of options. There are many options for junior cricketers and also great options for people shopping for cricket gloves on a tight budget.

Kookaburra Fuse Cricket Batting Gloves

Kookaburra Kahuna Cricket Batting Gloves

Kookaburra Blaze Cricket Batting Gloves

Kookaburra Ignite Cricket Batting Gloves

Kookaburra Ghost Cricket Batting Gloves

Fastening System

Kookaburra cricket batting gloves come with a Velcro fastening system. This is made from a high quality Velcro. This is yet another sign of the great quality that is constructed into every single pair of Kookaburra cricket batting gloves.

Updated Range

Like Kookaburra, Cricket Store Online is always updating our range of Kookaburra cricket gloves. This means that if there is any left over stock on previous years gloves, you can rest assured that we will bring them to you at the absolute best price. Kookaburra always has an updated range for the new year with options for junior cricketers and beginner cricketers.