Youth W/K Pad

Before buying cricket shoes for yourself or your kid, you need to understand different types of wicket-keeping pads, sizes, built quality, and performance. Below is an expert guide on buying the perfect wicket-keeping pads for yourself or your kid.

Wicket-keeping pads are important protective gear for wicket-keepers. They have the same role as cricket batting pads which is to protect your legs against any potential harm from the ball. Gone are the days when keepers used to wear batting pads for wicket-keeping. At CricketStoreOnline, we have wicket-keeping pads from the world’s best manufacturers at an absolute bargain.

Youth Keeping Pads

Most adult wicket-keeping pad manufacturers also make pads for juniors and youth cricketers. As you start playing this fantastic sport, an injury can put you way behind your mates, which you don’t want. So, youth players need cricket pads that fit them well and allow them to play comfortably. Junior and youth cricket pads have all the necessary protection a player needs but come in sizes smaller than adult ones. Apart from the difference in size, adult and junior cricket pads are almost identical.

Size guide

Getting the perfect-sized wicket-keeping pads is essential as they can decide your overall game performance. Whether you are choosing a pad for yourself or a parent choosing for your kid, size is significant. A pad too short might not protect your legs as it is supposed to, whereas a pad too big makes you uncomfortable while running.

Kids grow extremely fast during the age of 8-14 years and gain most of their height in these years. You must consider this while buying a pair of wicket-keeping pads because you want them to last for as long as possible. But don’t buy pads that are too big. It’ll only restrict the player's movement, destroying his entire gameplay.

Cricket batting pads are of different sizes, from junior pads to adult batting pads. You can check your batting pad size by looking at the size chart provided below!

Measure from the top of the instep to the middle of your knee to get the perfect-sized pads.



Extra Small Junior


Small Junior






Extra Small Adult


Small Adult




Large Adult


Factors affecting the price

The higher the price, the better the performance and quality of a cricket batting pad. Cricket batting pads start from as low as $35 and go up to several hundred bucks. As the price goes up, wicket-keeping pads become more lightweight and comfortable. High-budget pads use high-quality materials and padded straps that last longer and have better quality.

You should buy a better-quality wicket-keeping pad if you can afford to pay more. It mainly depends on the level at which you are playing cricket. At CricketStoreOnline, we have the best quality pads at the best price range. You can check them out by clicking on this link!

Difference between a batting pad and a keeping pad?

There isn’t much difference between batting pads and wicket-keeping pads. Both are used to protect your legs against incoming fastballs. However, wicket-keeping pads are generally lighter than batting pads and have two straps at their back. They have a much smaller knee roll and shorter flaps that don’t restrict the keeper's movement.

Color of your pads

Wicketkeeping comes in different colors depending on the game format. In Test and first-class matches, white keeping pads match the rest of the player’s clothes. However, they might be colored in limited over matches.

Maintenance Guide

Taking proper care of your wicket-keeping pads can increase their life overall. Down below are some tips that can help you with that.

Cleaning and removing any dirt from your pads make them look professional. You should clean your pads using a wet cloth.

If you are playing in hot or humid conditions, let your pads become completely dry before putting them away.

Wicket Keeping pads can only be washed or cleaned by hand. A washing machine will ruin them and knock them out of shape. If the pad inside is detachable, remove it, hand wash it using mild soap, and then store it properly for drying.

If the pad is not detachable, sprinkle some baking soda over it, let it sit for a few hours, and then brush it off.

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