Youth Batting Pads

Cricket batting pads are the first line of protection in professional cricket. They protect nearly half of your body from a professional cricket ball that can cause severe injuries. Kids in cricket academies need to take proper precautions while playing cricket because their bodies are more fragile than men's and can take serious hits.

Buying cricket batting pads for kids requires accurate knowledge of the size guide, build quality, maintenance, and brands (e.g, Kookaburra, Puma, SS, GM, etc.). Let our experts walk you through a detailed guide on youth batting pads.

But worry not because we have got a whole list of amazing cricket batting pads for kids that provide excellent protection, grip, and reliability for an extended period of time.

Let’s discuss everything you need about youth cricket batting pads.

What is the Size of a Youth Cricket Batting Pad?

It is essential to get the size of your cricket batting pads right. Pads that are too big will make it difficult to run between the wickets, and pads too small will not offer adequate protection. By speaking to a Cricket Store Online expert you can ensure that you are fitted with the right cricket batting pads.

Kids grow extremely fast from 8-14 years old and gain most of their height in these years. You must consider this while buying a pair of pads because you want them to last for as long as possible. For juniors, it is best to buy pads in which their knee sits at the start of the knee roll, giving them enough room for growth. So you don’t have to purchase new batting pads every season.

A well-fitted cricket batting pad has the knee bolster snugly fitted around the knee. This means that the top of the batting pad reaches about halfway up the upper leg. This leaves the right amount of room to place the thigh guard and inner thigh guard.

Measure from the top of the instep to the middle of your knee to get the perfect-sized pads.



Extra Small Junior


Small Junior






Extra Small Adult


Small Adult


How to Clean Your Cricket Batting Pads?

Cricket pads get extremely dirty because they are the first line of contact with the ball. While sliding and running, they attract a lot of dirt, especially if they are white.

Cricket batting pads can only be washed or cleaned by hand. A washing machine will actually ruin them and knock them out of shape. If the pad inside is detachable, remove it, wash it by hand using mild soap, and then store it properly for drying. If the pad is not detachable, sprinkle some baking soda over it, let it sit for a few hours, and then brush it off softly. This will make your bat clean. In the end, throw some body spray on it to remove odors.

Wicket Keeper Pads vs Cricket Batting Pads

Many people wonder if the wicket-keeper pads are the same as batting pads. They are quite similar, but that does not mean that you can wear keeping pads while batting because there are some fundamental differences between both.

Batting pads are worn by every batter and strapped to the batter's lower legs. The difference between them is that the wicketkeeper’s pads have two straps while the batter’s pads have three straps. Furthermore, in batting pads, three lines in the knee area of the pad help the umpire judge the LBW call properly, while this section is completely missing from the wicket-keeping pads.

These pads are similar in appearance to batting pads but are lighter and smaller. To check out keeper pads for kids, visit our youth wicketkeeper pads section.

How much do cricket batting pads for kids cost?

Good quality batting pads cost around $30 to $70 and up to a few hundred bucks. It depends on the quality of the batting pad you are buying. The cost is directly related to the build quality and design, which offers better protection from incoming fastballs and comfortable running between the pitch.

What we covered in this article:

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  • Types of cricket pads
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  • Maintenance of youth batting pads

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