Hammer Cricket Balls

A perfect cricket game requires that a player has talent as well as high-quality equipment. This is why you should choose the right tools for your game. One mistake that cricket players make is playing close attention to choosing the right bat while ignoring the quality of the ball.

At Cricketstoreonline, we have a wide assortment of Hammer cricket balls, and you should make your choice based on your needs and skill level.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you will use the cricket balls for training, a friendly match or a league match. If you are playing for a competitive league match, there are guidelines set out by the governing body.

Cricket balls come in different colors, mainly red, white and pink. These colors can be used for almost all types of cricket matches. White balls are predominantly used for day/night matches where the pitch is illuminated using floodlights. Pink balls were recently introduced and they offer enhanced visibility, making things easier for both spectators and players.

There are soft training balls based on your skill level and age. Juniors and small children should use softer balls as this helps improve their hand-eye coordination, making them better cricket players. Adults are better off using match balls as this will help them become acquainted with handling the ball for bowling, batting, and fielding.

The quality and durability of the outer cover, as well as the quality of the stitch, determines the ball’s performance and price. The most expensive balls are covered with selected grade tanned steer hides. Cheaper balls, however, are covered with hide cover.

The quality of the cricket ball is based on the cover and stitching. High-quality balls have a finer stitch of around 80 per circumference while lower quality balls have around 55 stitches per circumference.

Our Hammer Cricket Ball Collection

Hammer Pro Red Cricket Ball

Hammer LE White Cricket Ball

Hammer Indoor Training Rasta Cricket Ball

Hammer LE Red Cricket Ball

Hammer Core Pink Cricket Ball

Hammer Core White Cricket Ball - Junior Size 4 3/4 OZ

Hammer LE Pink Cricket Ball

Hammer Pro/Match Pink Cricket Ball

Hammer Core Red Cricket Ball - Junior Size 4 3/4 OZ

Kookaburra Super Coach Soft White - Men’s

Hammer Pro Red Cricket Ball - Junior Size 4 3/4 OZ

Hammer Core Pink Cricket Ball - Junior Size 4 3/4 OZ

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