GM Batting Gloves

If you want to walk the cricket walk and talk the cricket talk then you need to have GM cricket equipment. GM cricket equipment is the highest quality cricket equipment with over a century of best cricket gear and the same goes for GM cricket gloves. GM cricket gloves are top of the class in many departments and first and fore most would be the protective department.

PORON XRD Cricket Batting Gloves

The Best Repeated Impact Absorption Material!

  • + Soft and contouring against the body, yet

    instantly dissipates force upon impact

  • + Absorbs up to 90% of energy when impacted at high strain rates

  • + Maintains performance beyond the life of the product

  • + Consistent repeated impact absorption

  • + Excellent compression-set resistance

  • + Microban® antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of stain and odour-causing bacteria

Poron XRD is known as the most protective and shock absorbing material in the safety industries. This is material that is used to protect bikers and skateboarders and GM has integrated it to be part of their cricket gloves as well. Poron XRD is known for absorbing the maximum amount of impact. GM gloves with PORON XRD are in the Original and Original LE ranges. These are Test match quality professional level gloves.

GM Glove Range

GM always innovates and there is lots of variety in their gloves. There is also a large price range for buying cricket gloves on a budget or buying cricket gloves for the aspiring professional.

GM has made their glove range very easy to understand for 2017 and their gloves are not named by the names of the bats but rather with the same numbering that identifies the quality of the bat.

They are the:

GM Original LE Cricket Batting Gloves

GM Original Cricket Batting Gloves

GM 909 Cricket Batting Gloves

GM 808 LE Cricket Batting Gloves

GM 808 Cricket Batting Gloves

GM ST30 Cricket Batting Gloves (These are cricket gloves made in conjunction with star women’s cricketer Sarah Taylor and are perfect for any women’s cricketer)

GM 606 Cricket Batting Gloves

GM 505 Cricket Batting Gloves

GM 303 Cricket Batting Gloves

GM 202 Cricket Batting Gloves

GM Cricket Batting Gloves are always at the pinnacle of innovation when it comes to their cricket protective equipment and the addition of Microban to their cricket gloves is another huge asset.


Microban® antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of stain and odour-causing bacteria. Batsmen sweat profusely when they bat and cricket gloves can be a great breeding ground for germs and other bacteria. With the addition of Microban there is germ fighting qualities built into the cricket gloves.


From the Pittards leather that is used in the palms of the cricket batting gloves, it is clear that these are super high quality cricket batting gloves. There is of course supreme ventilation in the palms of the cricket gloves to provide as much air as possible ensuring as dry as possible hands for the batsman.


For 2017, GM have gone with classic colorings and designs on their gloves. Square fingers with a lot of dexterity provided to the batsman with multi-flex compartments. There is reinforcement on the fingers most vulnerable to being struck and jammed into the handle of the bat.

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