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Customer Ratings

I have 5 players edition bat from different sellers. Spent more than $4k but never satisfied, because in USA people like us always have no option to go to cricket stores to check the bat for dead weight, pickup weight, punch and grains. So I called CSO and asked them to show me different bats according to my priority and weight. They showed me more than 10 bats but still was confused cuz I spent a lot but never got ‘’my kinda bat”. Then I took another 10 days to think should I trust another online seller or not. Finally I took a risk and get an SS Super Select bat from them. After receiving the bat I checked the weight, it’s only 1126 grams (with toe binding), pick up like 2.6 only! 12 straight grains, duckbill profile, punch from bottom to top of the bat. Then I checked the wood moisture level and it’s the first bat that has moisture level 17% (13-19 is the best) all other my bats never reach 13% though all of them are player edition bats! I didn’t stop there I took the bat straight to indoor for check the accuracy of picking and pings. Honestly speaking this is the best bat ever. For the first time I put money at the right place. This piece of wood is just outstanding. Thank you CSO not got bother by me. I knocked them too many times, bother them a lot just to get a single bat! I know I gave them the highest level of hassle but they never let me down, always support my confusion and listen my “too much talk” with smile. I really appreciate the CSO team, from now on I’ll only spend my money at CSO. It’s the satisfaction that I’m writing here by taking time. Otherwise who has time to write this much ? Just one thing I wanna say “Thank you so much CSO”

  • Anik Nohan

    Cricket lover

Ordered a bat for long handle, unfortunately had some issue at the store. But the shop called me personally and handled the situation really well. And sent me a perfect replacement. The best bat I bought in the states till date

  • Vishal Mallarapu

    Cricket lover

I recently bought my SS Terminator Classic bat and my experience is excellent. I had bought some items before too. Buying a bat online is a challenge because you don't have touch and feel liberty. Cricket Store Online sent me videos with all measurements and ping videos of bats. I asked him to send me the video of at least 4-5 bats and he did it without any delay and happily. It helped me a lot to choose my bat. I got the same bat that I was shown in the video. Also, I appreciate "Cricket Store Online" business ethics and fair deal culture. Their price match tag is NOT an advertisement gimmick. They honored it in my case and made me a happy and returning customer. I like doing business with this store and recommend it for cricket item purchases.

  • Kuldeep Mandloi

    Cricket lover

Bought a Hammer Core bat. Amar was really helpful and even gave a discount. I was initially looking for a practice bat as I have multiple player's profile bats. Amar helped me throughout my selection process and gave me suggestions based on my batting style. I must say his suggestions were spot on. Finally, he showed me this Hammer bat. Even though it's grade 2, it has 12-13 straight grains. Amar assured me that the bat will meet my expectations. However, after a couple of practices, I'm in love with this bat. It opened up nicely and the ping is just as good as my other bats. I will use it in matches now as well. Thank you, Amar

  • Dp Suchdeva

    Cricket lover

Cricket store online 🔥🔥🔥 I loved to do shopping with you guys Trusted store .The quality of products are amazing, truly hand picked .Thank you

  • Urgyen Tsering

    Cricket lover

I brought SS Vintage Finisher 7 Cricket bat it’s really good and I happy with their service and they suggested me to take this bat so I trust their advice

  • Md Jannatul Naim

    Cricket lover

Great shop to buy cricket items. Bought some items and delivered them within short timeframe. If they can reduce cost a little amount for items would be appreciated! Thanks.

  • chathushka jeewantha

    Cricket lover