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A cricket stump is one of three vertical posts that support the bails and form the wicket. A cricket stump is usually made of wood and is 28 inches (71 cm) tall with tapered sides. The width of the stumps varies from 2.5 to 3.5 inches (6.4 to 8.9 cm). The stumps are placed in the ground at each end of the pitch and are used to support the bails.

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What are Cricket Stumps and Why Are They Used?

The origins of cricket stumps are unknown but they are thought to be made from tree stumps. In the early days of cricket, the stumps were placed in the ground by the bowler's foot. Today, the umpires place the stumps on both sides of the pitch. The stumps are used to support the bails, and two small pieces of wood are placed on top of the stumps. The bails are dislodged when the ball hits them. This indicates that the ball hit the stumps, and the batsman is gone.

Everything You Need to Know About Cricket Stumps

Each stump has a specific name, which is relative to whether the batsman is right-handed or left-handed:

Off stump - This is the stump on the offside of the wicket, which is the side where the batsman’s bat is.

Middle stump - This is located at the center of the three stumps.

Leg stump - This is the stump inside the wicket or the side where the batsman’s legs are.

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Types of Cricket Stumps

Spring Base Cricket Stumps

Spring iron base cricket stumps don’t get fixed in the ground but are attached to a heavy metal base through springs. The heavy metal base provides support to the stumps and when the ball hits the stumps, they get pushed back and come back to its original position due to spring tension. This way, players don’t need to set up stumps every time a player is bowled. This is not a professional standard but is used in nets and gully cricket.

Cricket Pin Stumps

These stumps are pinned into the group as they have sharp pointy edges like nails at the end. You can provide a gentle push by your bat handles or hand and push them into the ground. However, excessive hitting in the ground can make the ground opening lose. In that case, a stump gauge is placed in the ground and wickets can easily be replaced in them every time.

Cricket Sets

You can also get stumps by purchasing a cricket set for your kid that has a bat, ball, gloves, and a set of stumps to get your kid started with cricket. Check out our cricket sets page to learn more about cricket sets and browse the best choices.

What we covered in this article:

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