SS Ton Player Edition & Ton Limited Edition Cricket Bats 2024 | Summary Review

SS Ton Player Edition & Ton Limited Edition Cricket Bats 2024 | Summary Review

In this video, Amar Shah unpacks the newest SS Cricket bats, offering insights into the SS Ton Player Edition and the latest SS Ton Limited Edition cricket bats for 2024. These bats feature premium graded English willow, promising top-notch performance. Let's delve into Amar's comprehensive review.

SS Ton Limited Edition Cricket Bat 2024

The SS Ton Limited Edition cricket bat presents a sleek and pristine front face, crafted from Grade 1 English willow boasting 12 straight and dark grains. With a slim round handle and weighing around 2.9lbs, this bat offers a comfortable grip and balance. Amar recommended the viewers to add an extra grip for improved balance and pickup. Featuring a traditional SS profile, the sweet spot strategically positioned in the mid-low section of the blade enables outstanding cuts and drives.


As Amar examines the bat's ping with a red cricket ball, he notices a strong response, typical of a Grade 1 willow SS Cricket bat. Striking the sweet spot feels powerful, like an electric jolt, causing the ball to bounce off energetically.

Amar provides an insightful review of five SS Limited Edition cricket bats, highlighting variations in grain counts and weight, yet ensuring consistent performance and quality across all bats. Some of these bats have traditional SS profile while other comes with a duckbill toe profile.

SS Ton Player Edition Cricket Bats 2024

CSO welcomes the arrival of SS Player Edition cricket bats for the first time, boasting TON Player branding and distinctive bat covers. Sporting an unfinished toe and a profile reminiscent of bats favored by Yousaf Pathan, these bats carry Johnny Bairstow endorsements. Crafted from Grade 1 English willow with 10 straight and evenly spaced grains, they feature a traditional SS profile. Their sweet spot is situated in the mid to low section of the blade. With a round handle and a weight of around 1120g, these bats offer a lightweight feel ideal for players seeking quality bats weighing under 2.9lbs.


Amar conducts a ping test using a red ball, revealing an impressive ping that delivers a soft feel similar to original player cricket bats. Despite being made from original player bat willow, these bats undergo a unique pressing process akin to that of retail cricket bats.

In his review, Amar examines three original player bats, with the other two bats weighing slightly more than this one and exhibiting minor differences in grain count. The last bat features an oval handle, but all bats perform equally well on the field.

SS Ton Player Edition and SS Ton Limited Edition cricket bats for 2024 showcased by Amar Shah offer a glimpse into premium graded English willow bats, promising exceptional performance on the field. With sleek designs, strategically positioned sweet spots, and impressive ping responses, these bats are sure to elevate any cricketer's game. Whether you're drawn to the traditional SS profile or the unique features of the Player Edition bats, Cricket Store Online is your destination to acquire these high-quality cricket bats.


For a complete expert review, watch the video below!

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