Expert Review Of SS GG Smacker Xtreme & Other SS Bat Models 2024

Expert Review Of SS GG Smacker Xtreme & Other SS Bat Models 2024

In this video, Amar Shah from Cricmax unpacks and reviews the latest cricket bats from SS, known as SS GG Smacker Xtreme cricket bats 2024. These bats boast a slight variation in profile compared to the SS GG Smacker cricket bats 2024. Alongside these, he also provides insights into some other bat models. Here are some highlights of Amar’s review.

SS Limited Edition Cricket Bats 2024

Before delving into the SS GG Smacker Xtreme bats, Amar first reviews the SS Limited Edition cricket bat. These bats have a rich history as one of SS's earliest Grade 1 cricket bats. Sporting a traditional SS bat profile with a duckbill toe, these bats feature substantial edges and weigh around 2.9 lbs. They offer excellent pickup and come with an unfinished toe. Amar's ping test demonstrates the bat's exceptional performance and quality.

Moving on to the second Limited Edition bat, it retains the traditional profile and even pickup, with specifications and performance similar to the first bat.

SS GG Smacker Xtreme Cricket Bat 2024

The SS GG Smacker Xtreme bats represent the latest in the GG Smacker series, crafted from Grade 1 English willow. Featuring a spotless front face profile adorned with numerous dark grains, these bats introduce a hybrid profile combining elements of the SS GG Smacker and SS Devil bat profiles. This hybrid design enhances versatility, allowing players to execute a variety of shots, from powerful drives to precise cuts. The thicker spine ensures optimal performance, while the duckbill toe contributes to the bat's remarkable pickup. Additionally, their handle boasts an off-counter balancing knob that helps shift the weight more toward the top of the bat, further improving its pickup.

Despite weighing around 2.9 lbs, these bats offer an exceptional pickup, feeling lighter while swinging. Amar recommends adding another bat grip for improved balance and pickup. During the ping test with a white cricket ball, the bats exhibit an incredibly satisfying ping, resonating through the crowd when in use. Amar reviews two GG Smacker Xtremes in this video. They have similar profiles and performance but differ slightly in their grain counts and weight.

SS Ton Thala Cricket Bat 2024

While not an original player bat of MS Dhoni, the SS Ton Thala Cricket bat shares the same profile as Dhoni's original bat. With a duckbill toe profile, big edges, and a weight of around 2.9oz, these bats feel lighter at approximately 2.7oz. The semi-round bottom and toe, along with 8 straight grains, contribute to a profile similar to Ravindra Jadeja's original player bat. Amar unboxes 4 SS Thala cricket bats, each boasting consistent profiles but differing slightly in grain counts and weight.

SS Ton Special Edition Cricket Bat 2024

The SS Ton Special Edition bat features a traditional SS bat profile with remarkable thickness and no duckbill toe or concaving. With almost 40mm edge thickness and 8 clean grains, these bats pack concentrated willow for exceptional power. Sporting a slim round handle, Amar suggests adding another grip for enhanced control.

During the ping test, the bat delivers a phenomenal ping, with the ball bouncing off so vigorously that it collides with the room's ceiling. Amar reviews three special edition cricket bats, each delivering outstanding performance and differing slightly in grain counts.

In summary, the reviewed cricket bats showcase the latest innovations in design and performance from SS. From the SS GG Smacker Xtreme to the SS Ton Thala and SS Ton Special Edition, each bat offers unique features tailored to enhance a player's game. With meticulous attention to detail and expert craftsmanship, these bats promise exceptional performance on the field. Whether you're seeking versatility, power, or precision, there's a bat for every player's needs.


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