SS Devils Cricket Bat 2024 | Complete Profile Review

SS Devils Cricket Bat 2024 | Complete Profile Review

In this video, Amar Shah from Cricket Store Online unboxes and reviews the latest cricket bats from SS, the SS Devil Cricket Bats 2024. Exclusively launched for Cricket Store Online customers, SS introduced these bats at the end of the previous year, and we received them in January. The box contains 10 SS Devil bats and 1 SS Sky Smasher bat 2024. Let's delve into Amar's insightful review.

SS Sky Smasher Cricket Bat 2024

The SS Sky Smasher bat is crafted from Premium Grade 1 English willow. It boasts 9 clean grains for optimal performance. Its massive concave TON edges ensure high impact and exceptional ping, with a weight of around 1175g. This thoughtful construction delivers remarkable impact and optimal performance on the field. Offering an expansive playing area, an immaculate bat face, and a rounded or flat-toe option, this bat guarantees unparalleled power and mastery over every shot.

SS Devils Cricket Bat 2024

The SS Devil bats are made from Grade 1 premium English willow, personally hand-selected from the SS factory for Cricket Store Online customers. With 7-9 straight and dark grains, these bats boast a spotless front face and a traditional SS profile without any concaving. Featuring huge edges and a large spine, they come with a round handle.

Sweet Spot

These bats concentrate a significant amount of wood in the mid to low part of the blade, where the sweet spot lies. The ample willow volume in this area ensures that even mistimed shots can cover the necessary distance.

Weight And Pickup

While not lightweight, these bats offer an even weight distribution, weighing around 1210g. Despite the weight, their craftsmanship and design provide a balanced feel, offering raw power and optimal performance. Perfect for players comfortable with some weight and seeking extra yards while playing.

Gauge Test

Amar initially had concerns about these bats passing the gauge test. However, all bats made it through the gauge test, barely meeting ICC regulations for maximum edge and spine size. This ensures that players can confidently use these bats in professional games.


Amar conducts a ping test on all SS Devil Cricket bats, revealing their stunning ping. The quick bounce off the bat upon contact showcases their exceptional performance. While not player bats, they ping like one, thanks to Jatin Sareen's commitment to delivering high-performance bats to Cricket Store Online.

Amar reviews 10 SS Devil bats in this video, most weighing around 1200g. While the two were lighter, they maintained consistent profiles and performance throughout. SS Devil Cricket Bats 2024 offers exceptional performance and quality, representing a top choice for cricket enthusiasts. With their Grade 1 English willow construction, traditional profile, and impressive sweet spot, these bats provide the power and precision needed for outstanding gameplay. Whether you're a professional player or a passionate amateur, these bats deliver both performance and reliability.

To purchase these bats and explore more options, visit the Cricket Store Online. For further details and photos of individual bats, feel free to contact us online. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you find the perfect bat to suit your needs, delivering a seamless shopping experience tailored to your preferences.


For a complete expert review, watch the video below!

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