Hammer Black Edition Cricket Bat

Hammer Black Edition Cricket Bat

Hammer Black Edition Cricket Bat

Hammer Black Edition Cricket Bat Launch 2014

Hey guys, just taking some time to introduce the new 2014 Hammer Black Edition cricket bat. Each of these top cricket bats are individually handcrafted in England with the very best grade 1 english willow and are limited to 25 bats available in the world. It took 7 months of design work, but they are here and ready to fly off the shelves. 

Getting in to the review, you'll notice that all of the sticker designs are completely new with very unique touches to them; including embossment or a raised feel to the sticker giving the bat a 3d effect. These cricket bats, as stated before, are very high quality and very limited edition. We were only able to get our hands on 25 pieces of this superb quality willow. The willow is not just your ordinary g1 willow, it is also a high grains (10 or more), bemish free g1 willow, which makes it some of the rarest willow you can find.

You will also notice that the Hammer Black Edition bat has some of the qualities of other high end cricket bats on the market. We've taken some inspiration from Adam Gilchrist's personal bat, the Puma Ballistic. There are also a few other bats that have similar characteristics to the Hammer Black Edition, but just as well, this bat has some characteristics that make it 100% unique and in its own category.

I've gone for a slightly smaller edge, about 30-35mm, but you do have an extremely high spine, upwards of around 60mm. The reasoning for this is due to all of us trying to hit the ball in the middle, so the weight of this bat is in the middle. This bat has a very full profile, with no concaving. 

Another key feature will be the low sweetspot, making this bat very much for a front-foot player. I've also carried the spine all the way up the bat, to help the balance and the pick-up, but also extend the sweetspot. The pick-up stated previously, is lighter than the bats actual weight.

Each bat comes with its very own limited edition hammer black bat cover, indivudually numbered in correspondence to the bat number. Check them out now, they will be going quickly. 

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