SS Super Select Cricket Bats 2022- Complete Profile Review

SS Super Select Cricket Bats 2022- Complete Profile Review

SS Super Select Cricket Bats 2022- Complete Profile Review

"The SS Super Select." After the wait of three months, these premium quality bats used by some well-known international players are finally restocked on Cricket Store Online. Amar, alongside Dipesh, reviews four of these premium quality expensive bats, which come in a brown leather bag.

Amar talks about how Jatin Sareen chooses these high-quality bats, which is why they are called "Super Select." The owner goes through thousands of clefs and chooses the best of them. He then again looks at the bat's finishing and criticizes or changes his choice, and then the super selects are finally made.

SS Super Select bats are made from the same cleft reserved for professional cricketers. They come in a great brown leather bag that compliments the premium category and price range they fall inside.

Amar reviews the following line-up of the super selects.

SS Super Select Cricket Bat #1

"Bat 1", Amar excitedly reviews the SS Super Select, which has the same profile as the previous year's edition. The shocking reaction of Amar showed how lightweight this bat was, weighing around 1110g. SS installed a toe guard on this Super Select for the first time. The bat includes 12 grains on the front and back. The round and slim handle of this bat will surely make you put a second grip on it.

SS Super Select Cricket Bat # 2

The second bat weighs 1095g, much lighter than the previous bat. Amar praises Jatin Sarin for how he produced this kind of high-quality bat with such lightweight. The bat includes ten straight grains on both front and back. No toe guard is present on this bat. This one was a 4D MM Full profile bat.

SS Super Select Cricket Bat # 3

This bat stands out; as it is a little bit different from others on the list, it had a different shape, a bit different press from blade towards the downside, it weighs 1220g and had 12 straight grains on it. The bat comes with a slim oval handle, giving the batsman great control. Amar tested the bat with the ball and felt a solid ping, which indicated that it would undoubtedly cause the ball to fly away.

SS Super Select Cricket Bat # 4

The last SS Super Select on the list weighs 1110g. It had 17 nice straight grains and a round handle which will help the batter keep a firm grip, which is essential for hard hitters. Both top-hand and bottom-hand players can use this type of handle.


You can buy these hand-picked Super selects at a fantastic price from CricketStoreOnline.


The end of the video has a surprise opening for the viewers, which you can see by clicking the link below.

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