Gunn & Moore cricket

Gunn & Moore cricket

Gunn & Moore cricket

Gunn & Moore

Gunn & Moore is a sports equipment and apparel company specializing in cricket. It is popularly called as GM and is based in Colwick, Nottingham.

Gunn & Moore was founded in 1885, specifically to manufacture cricket bats, by local businessman Thomas James Moore and English Test batsman William Gunn. The company quickly gained renown as a cricket bat manufacturer. Known for its quality bats, the company also offers apparel and a wide range of cricket equipment to cricketers. Today, the company sells batting gloves, helmets, wicket keeping pads and gloves, leg guards, footwear, and, of course, bats. The currently available bats include the Icon DXM, Hero DXM, Apex DXM, and Flare DXM.

Like most sports companies, Gunn & Moore sponsors players, providing them with bats, apparel or uniforms, footwear, holdalls, and various cricket gears, kits, and equipment. International cricket captains who had been sponsored by GM include Stephen Fleming of New Zealand, Anil Kumble of India, Steve Waugh of Australia, Michael Vaughan of England, and Graeme Smith of South Africa.

With so many international captains endorsing and using the brand, it is not surprising that Gunn & Moore is a popular brand choice by many cricketers, professionals or non-professionals, international players or not.

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