GM James Vince Original Player Cricket Bat- Review by CSO

GM James Vince Original Player Cricket Bat- Review by CSO

GM James Vince Original Player Cricket Bat- Review by CSO

Amar, in this video, reviewed the Original James Vince player bat. All these bats are carefully crafted by Gunn & Moore (GM) and handpicked by the people at the Cricket Store Online. The bat is made from the highest quality Grade 1 English willow. This sort of willow is specially reserved for international cricket players.

GM Original James Vince Cricket Bat 2022

These premium-grade Willow bats are customized by GM, especially for James Vince. They are short-handle bats individually tested to ensure 5-star performance. Amar reviewed 5 of these bats, all of which are of the same profile as James Vince's original cricket bat. Amar called them the BMW of cricket bats because they are a class apart in terms of everything. All the bats come in premium packaging inside a beautiful black bag.


Amar talks about the first bat with a high-quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle for outstanding feel, flexibility, and control. The bat has thick shoulders with a wider bottom that helps provide a better ping. You may play with greater aggression thanks to the incredibly light pickup of these bats, which is roughly 2 ounces lighter than the original weight (2.9 lbs -2.11 lbs).


The GM James Vince Original Player Bat is the finest unbleached seasoned Grade 1 English Willow bat. With its robust, semi-oval handle, this bat is guaranteed to provide you with a better grip. The bat has a spine height of 65mm with a 555mm blade length and 39mm edge thickness. The width of a high-quality bat is usually between 104 and 107 mm, but this one has a whopping 108mm width. It has 7-8 nice straight grains. The bat comes with a face tape and toe guard for extra protection of the bat.


When a ball hits the bat, ping shows how potent and controlled the bat is. Amar checked the ping of the bat and found the ping nice and smooth. GM has seeped in oil between this bat's grains, making it one of the best pinging bats.

Amar unboxes five GM bats in total. They all have the same profile, spine height, edge thickness, and built quality but differ in their number of grains. It doesn't impact their performance but is more of an aesthetic choice.


You can now purchase this fantastic quality bat which is now available at Cricket Store Online!


For a detailed review, watch the video below!

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