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SS T20 Power Cricket Bat

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SS T20 Power Cricket Bat 2017

Grade 1 Limited Edition Willow

English Willow

Full Face Profile

Large Edges

Semi-Oval Handle

The SS T20 Power Cricket Bat is a top of the range, international players level cricket bat. The bat is made to the exact specifications and using the exact raw materials that are used to produced cricket bats for international cricket stars. This is a very big bat and as the name suggests it is made with short format power hitting in mind. The constructs of the bat lend to power hitting with a full face profile and a slight concave. A toe guard comes fitted as standard. The SS T20 Power cricket bat has a semi-oval handle and this is optimal for enhancing the comfort and the control of the batsman. A striking feature of the SS T20 Power Cricket Bat is the massive edges, the edges are yet another element in this top quality cricket bat that lends itself to extreme power hitting.