NB Cricket Shoes

New Balance have made huge inroads into the cricket gear market. A bit like Ravi Ashwin on a turning pitch. They are producing very high quality cricket bats, cricket pads and general cricket equipment. It is important to remember though that New Balance made an athletic name for themselves by making athletic footwear and when it comes to cricket shoes it is probably what New Balance does best.

Rubber Soled Cricket Shoes and Full Spiked Cricket Shoes

New Balance have a comprehensive line of both rubber soled cricket shoes and spiked cricket shoes. The type of surface that you play cricket on will determine whether you go for the rubber soled cricket shoes or the full spikes.

What are some of the features of New Balance cricket shoes?

What makes New Balance cricket shoes some of the best cricket shoes out there are the features that they have across all the areas that you look for.


New Balance cricket shoes have become renowned for the great comfort that they offer. The lightweight EVA midsole that is built into all of their cricket shoes is extremely comfortable. Stability is a hugely important factor when considering the right cricket shoe. New Balance hit all the right notes on that front too with the trade marked ISS support system built into their shoes.


The quality of the raw materials that are used to make New Balance cricket shoes is the biggest factor in their extreme durability. Whether it is the leather, synthetic mesh or rubber sole, New Balance have been known to use only the best raw materials.

New Balance cricket shoes are also made with the rigors of cricket in mind. To that end, in the area of the shoe where there is bound to be toe drag, there is an additional strip of durable leather.


The design of New Balance cricket shoes and the positioning of the spikes on their spiked cricket shoes lends itself to great balance. This is because New Balance works in conjunction with cricketers and with the latest technology to ensure that their cricket shoes are meeting the needs of cricketers.

Where can I get New Balance Cricket Shoes Online?

The best place to get New Balance cricket shoes online is Cricket Store Online.Cricket Store Online stocks a wide range of sizes and variation of these shoes. We have also become renowned across all of our gear for having the latest gear and the same is true for the New Balance cricket shoes.

What is in the New Balance cricket shoe range?

New Balance 4020R2 Rubber Soled Cricket Shoes

New Balance 4030R2 Spiked Cricket Shoes

New Balance 4040R2 Spiked Cricket Shoes

New Balance 4050B1 Spiked Cricket Shoes

New Balance CK10B2 Spiked Cricket Shoes

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