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GM Zelos 101 Cricket Bat 2018

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GM Zelos 101 Kashmir Willow Cricket Bat 2018.

Suitable for Tape Tennis ball/Hard Tennis Ball

L-Sweet Technology

Willow: Kashmir Willow

Weight: 2lbs8oz-2lbs12oz

Grip: Dynamic Grip

Mid Sweet Spot

Edge Size: 35mm

Swell Size: 64mm

The GM Zelos 101 Cricket Bat is from the brand new GM Zelos range of cricket bats for 2018. Of all the cricket bats in the GM ranges for 2018, the GM Zelos 101 has the most middle sweet spot. This will appeal to players who love the versatility of the mid sweet spot cricket bat. There are a lot of iconic specifications to the GM Zelos 101 cricket bat like the swell size at 64mm and the very large yet conforming 35mm edges. The GM Zelos 101 cricket bat is a beginners cricket bat is a great budget cricket bat for 2018.