Shrey Cricket Helmets

When looking to stock your cricket kit, one of the first things that you should strongly consider is a cricket helmet. It is well worthwhile looking at the range of Shrey Cricket Batting Helmets. Shrey Batting Helmets pull off the cricket batting treble. The treble is that they provide the highest level of protection, they provide comfort and they provide great ventilation.

Shrey Cricket Helmet Range

Cricket Store Online prides itself on always keeping the most up-to-date stock of all the cricket gear and cricket equipment in the world. We want American cricketers to have access to the same top quality equipment that Indian, Australian, English and other Test playing nation cricketers have. The same holds true when it comes to Shrey cricket batting helmets. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that we have all the newest designs, like the ones you have seen being used by the world’s top cricketers. This is very important when it comes to cricket helmets as advancing technologies means that cricket helmets are advancing to provide better and better protection.

Shrey Cricket Helmets are at the cutting edge of the best technological advances in the protective helmet industry.

Cricket Store Online stocks the following in the range of Shrey Cricket Batting Helmets

Shrey Cricket Products

  • Shrey Armor Cricket Helmet
  • Shrey Junior Cricket Helmet
  • Shrey Master Class AIR Cricket Helmet
  • Shrey Master Class AIR Titanium Cricket Helmet
  • Shrey Pro Guard AIR Cricket Helmet
  • Shrey Pro Guard AIR Titanium Cricket Helmet
  • Shrey Neck Guard

There is yet another component that fits to all Shrey Cricket Helmets that is becoming a highly important piece of protective gear and that is the Shrey Neck Guard. Shrey cricket helmets conform to the BSI standard of testing and are also known to be the lightest cricket helmets in the world.

Shrey Neck Guard

Following the tragic death of Australian cricketer Phil Hughes, a lot of thought has gone into ensuring every part of the batsman’s head is safe. One of the vulnerable areas was of course identified as the neck area.

Shrey Cricket Helmets have come up with a neck guard that is ultra light weight and fits seamlessly around the back of the cricket batting helmet. These neck guards fit on to Shrey batting helmets and ensure that the neck of the batsman is safe.

History of Shrey

Shrey Helmets is a piece of the much larger and successful TK sporting goods company. The cricket helmets part of the company is named after Shrey Kohli. He was a huge fan of the game of cricket and was very excited about his work.

Unfortunately, he died in a car accident and as homage to him and the great love that he had for the game of cricket, the family went on to produce a range of the greatest cricket helmets available.

The helmets are testament to the nature of Shrey Kohli.

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