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If you want the most trusted and most experienced manufacturer for the protection of your head when playing cricket then you would want to be buying a Masuri cricket batting helmet.


Masuri is one of the most experienced cricket helmet makers on the market. They constantly strive to better the protection of their cricket helmets and as such have come to be the industry leaders in the protective qualities of their helmets.


One of the most impressive things about Masuri Cricket helmets is the fact that they deal with protective cricket head wear only. Dealing exclusively in cricket helmets they have come with technological advances to not only improve the protection of the helmet but also improve the comfort of the batting helmets that they offer.

Stem Guard

Masuri was the first helmet manufacturer to offer a stem guard that fit on the back of the Masuri Vision Series cricket helmet. The stem guard is a piece of the helmet that protects the back of the head that can be left vulnerable when the batsman sways out of the way of the ball. The Masuri Stem Guard is specifically made to fit the helmet and has undergone extensive testing to ensure that it offers best protection to that area.

British Standards Cricket Helmet Testing

Following a spate of injuries where cricketers were being hit by balls that were going in between the grille of the helmet and the peak of the helmet, the British Standards became more rigorous and strict on this particular issue. Players like Craig Kieswetter and Stuart Broad were both victims of incidents like this. Masuri introduced the Masuri Vision Series cricket helmet that targeted this problem by reinforcing the grille so that even a very fast bouncer cannot get between the peak and the grille. The Masuri Vision Series helmet along with other cricket helmets from Masuri were approved as conforming to the British Standards for cricket helmets.

Since then the ECB and the ICC have made it the law that players have to wear a cricket helmet that conforms to the BS standards for cricket helmets. This is a further reason to make a purchase of a Masuri cricket batting helmet.

The Masuri Range

Masuri has a vast range of high quality helmets to suit different sizes and different pockets.

Their range includes:

Masuri Vision Series Elite cricket helmet

Masuri Vision Series Test cricket helmet

Masuri Vision Series Club cricket helmet

Masuri OS2 Cricket Helmet

These cricket helmets come off course with the possibility of either having a titanium grille or having a steel grille. The titanium grille is slightly more expensive and is also slightly lighter than the steel grilled helmets.


When it comes to comfort Masuri batting helmets are tops. They offer huge basic comfort like a really comfortable chin strap to more advanced comforts like great ventilation and breathability. The sweat pads inside the helmet are also of a high quality. This speaks of the impressive quality that is offered as a package when you buy a Masuri cricket batting helmet.