Kookaburra Vapor Cricket Bat 2023

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Welcome to the page dedicated to the Kookaburra Vapor Cricket Bats Range for 2023. The Vapor range is designed for players seeking a lightweight bat without compromising power and performance. The Vapor range promises to deliver a remarkable playing experience with its contemporary style and exceptional balance. This section will explore the key features, construction details, and playing style that make the Kookaburra Vapor Cricket Bats a popular choice among cricketers.

Key Features:

Featherlight Pick-up: The Vapor bats are expertly crafted to offer a featherlight pick-up, allowing for quick bat speed and agile shot execution. These bats are perfect for players who prefer a lightweight feel and seek to maximize their 360-degree stroke play.

Enhanced Sweet Spot: The Vapor range features a sweet spot positioned approximately 215 to 235mm from the toe, providing an optimal hitting area for consistent and powerful shot-making.

Contemporary Design: With its sleek and modern aesthetics, the Vapor bats stand out on the cricket field. The premium silver color, combined with dark grey, black, and deep ocean blue stripes, adds a touch of style to your game.

Performance and Playing Style:

The Vapor range is designed for players who rely on their agility, quick reflexes, and all-around stroke play. These bats are ideal for aggressive and innovative shot-making, allowing you to adapt to various game situations. The lightweight profile and exceptional balance of the Vapor bats enable players to generate maximum power with minimal effort, ensuring explosive performances on the field.

Bat Models:

The Kookaburra Vapor Cricket Bats Range for 2023 consists of the following bat models:

Kookaburra Vapor 2.1 Cricket Bat 2023

Kookaburra Vapor 3.1 Cricket Bat 2023

Kookaburra Vapor 6.1 Cricket Bat 2023

Kookaburra Vapor Pro 2023

Kookaburra Vapor Lite 2023

Kookaburra Big Vapor 2023

Each bat model in the Vapor range offers unique features and specifications tailored to suit different playing styles and preferences. Whether you are a developing adolescent, a female player, or someone who enjoys featherlight pick-up, there is a Vapor bat that will enhance your game.

Newly developed for 2023. Classical style with superb lightweight pick up – ideal for aggressive 360-degree stroke play.

• Sweet Spot; approx. 215 to 235mm from toe
• Edge Thickness; approx. 36mm to 38mm
• Edge Profile; round
• Face Profile; round
• Toe Shape; standard
• Spine Height; approx. 64mm to 68mm
• Scallop; approx. 1mm to 2mm
• Bow; approx. 10mm to 14mm
• Handle; standard
• Weight; 2lb 8oz to 2lb 10oz

Construction and Design:

The Vapor bats feature a contemporary design with a round edge profile and a round face profile. They are meticulously crafted using premium-grade unbleached English willow, ensuring durability and exceptional performance. The standard handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing for precise control and shot execution.

Additional Information:

The Kookaburra Vapor Cricket Bats Range for 2023 offers a range of weights to suit individual preferences. Choosing a weight that feels comfortable and allows you to maintain control and agility throughout your innings is recommended. Each bat in the Vapor range undergoes the "Kookaburra Pre-Prepared" (KPP) process, which significantly reduces the time required for bat preparation.


Experience the combination of lightweight pick-up and exceptional performance with the Kookaburra Vapor Cricket Bats Range for 2023. Designed for aggressive stroke play and maximum power, these bats allow you to showcase your skills with finesse and precision. Choose a Kookaburra Vapor bat and elevate your game, enjoying the featherlight pick-up and contemporary design that sets you apart on the cricket field. Unleash your full potential with the Vapor range and make your mark with every shot you play.