Kookaburra Kahuna Cricket Bat 2019

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  • Made of specially selected Grade 1 unbleached English Willow.
  • Flag Chip bat of the Kookaburra Range and the best all-round cricket bat.
  • Meets the modern players demand in terms of profile, pick-up, and performance.
  • Comes with a fully padded bat cover.
  • Available in sizes 1-6, H, SH & LH

Experienced Bat Makers

Kookaburra started to develop bats from the year 2001 in collaboration with Australian legendary player Ricky pointing. The bat has continued to evolve over two decades to meet the player`s requirements.

Hand-crafted Clefts

Each Cleft is different and they are handcrafted separately with utmost precision and care. Then they are assessed individually by the Kookaburra`s Bat maker to maximize the performance of the bat.

Traditionally Prepared

The clefts are made in a traditional way by allowing them to dry naturally over time and are not artificially flashed in kilns to dry soon. Thus the willow finds its natural moisture level and gives excess durability.

Sweet Spot

The Sweet spot is located at the mid-blade to suit all styles of play. It is located at a distance between 215 mm to 235 mm from the toe of the bat. It is an easy pick-up bat.

Bat profile

The bat has a curved face profile and a rounded edge profile. The edge profiles measures between 34 mm to 38 mm in thickness. The bow is approximately 11 mm to 12 mm.

Handle and Grip

It has an oval-shaped handle with a unique combination of multi-directional `Snake-Scaled` grip for better handling to create a secure and solid feel.


It is a light weight bat and usually weights in the range of 2 lb 8 oz to 2 lb 10.5 oz.

Kookaburra Pre-prepared

The bats are pre-conditioned by hands and not by a machine. The time needed to prepare the bat during match play is greatly reduced.

Currently Endorsed Players

  • Usman Khawaja (Australia)
  • Martin Guptill (New Zealand)
  • Keaton Jennings (England)