Kookaburra Bubble Cricket Bat 2023

Welcome to the page dedicated to the Kookaburra Bubble Cricket Bats Range for 2023. The iconic Bubble range has returned with its contemporary graphics and outstanding performance. The Bubble bats offer a remarkable playing experience designed for players seeking professional quality and superior craftsmanship. This section will delve into the key features, construction details, and playing style that make the Kookaburra Bubble Cricket Bats a popular choice among cricketers.

Key Features:

Professional Quality Willow: The Bubble bats are meticulously crafted using the finest unbleached English willow, ensuring exceptional performance and durability on the cricket field. Each bat is selected and graded by Kookaburra's Master Bat Maker to meet the highest standards.

Mid Sweet Spot: The Bubble bats feature a mid-positioned sweet spot, approximately 220mm from the toe. This placement provides a balanced hitting area, allowing players to generate power and precision in their shots.

Flat Power Plus Shaped Face: The Bubble bats are designed with a flat power plus shaped face, enhancing the sweet spot and promoting better ball contact for optimal shot-making.

Performance and Playing Style:

The Bubble range is designed for players who demand professional-level performance and aspire to dominate the game. These bats are ideal for aggressive stroke play, allowing you to unleash your power and score runs confidently. With their balanced feel and superb hitting capabilities, the Bubble bats enable players to excel in all aspects of the game, whether it's aggressive attacking shots or calculated defensive strokes.

Bat Models:

The Kookaburra Bubble Cricket Bats Range for 2023 consists of the following bat models:

Kookaburra Bubble 2.1 Cricket Bat 2023

Kookaburra Bubble 3.1 Cricket Bat 2023

Kookaburra Bubble 6.1 Cricket Bat 2023

Kookaburra Bubble Pro 2023

Kookaburra Bubble Lite 2023

Kookaburra Big Bubble 2023

Each bat model in the Bubble range offers unique features and specifications tailored to suit different playing styles and preferences. Whether you are an aspiring professional or a club-level player, there is a Bubble bat that will elevate your game to new heights.

Construction and Design:

The Bubble bats feature a visually appealing design with contemporary graphics, paying homage to their iconic heritage. Crafted with precision, these bats offer a comfortable grip and excellent control. The round handle ensures a secure and confident hold, allowing for precise shot execution.

Additional Information:

All the bats in the Bubble range undergo the "Kookaburra Pre-Prepared" (KPP) process, which reduces the time required for bat preparation. However, it is important to note that additional preparation work is still necessary to maximize the performance and longevity of your bat. Proper knocking-in and ongoing maintenance are essential to ensure optimal performance during matches.

Sweet Spot; approx. 210 to 240mm from toe
• Edge Thickness; approx. 34mm Plus
• Edge Profile; round
• Face Profile; rounded
• Toe Profile; standard
• Spine Height; approx. 65mm to 67mm
• Scallop; approx. 1mm to 2mm
• Bow; approx. 10mm to 12mm
• Handle; oval
• Weight; 2lb 8 1/2oz to 2lb 10½oz

• ‘Hexa’ Grip
• ‘Kookaburra Pre-Prepared’ (KPP)


Experience the iconic return of the Kookaburra Bubble Cricket Bats Range for 2023 and unleash your full potential on the cricket field. With their professional quality craftsmanship and exceptional performance, these bats are designed to elevate your game and help you dominate your opponents. Choose a Kookaburra Bubble bat and enjoy the balanced feel, impressive power, and stylish design that define this iconic range. Step confidently onto the pitch and make a statement with every shot you play.