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Here is everything you want to know about the GM cricket bats for 2018, starting off with the GM Chrome.

The GM Chrome Willow

Like all of GM’s premier level cricket bats, the GM Chrome is made with premium English Willow. There are various grades in the bats offered by GM but GM and sellers like Cricket Store Online make that clear when they sell the bats. When buying a limited edition cricket bat in the GM Chrome cricket bat series or bats made using GM G1 English Willow you can rest assured that it is top level, English Willow


The GM Chrome L555 comes in a wide variety of willow grades and have different names that distinguish them. The availabilities are:







Sweet Spot and L-Sweet

The Sweet Spot in the GM Chrome series is in the mid to low position. This has been a trend in some of the most popular GM cricket bats and the GM Chrome is no different. This definitely favors players who love the front foot but will be of great asset to all cricket batsmen. Out of all the GM cricket bats available for 2017, the GM Chrome is the one with the second to lowest sweet spot, this is something worth considering as an astute cricket bat buyer. GM cricket bats for 2017 have the introduction of L-Sweet technology. This means that there are varying sizes on the blades and the handles. As the blade shortens so the blade lengthens to ensure that the full bats are still of uniform size. This lends itself to cricketers who varying styles of play. The GM Chrome L555 has a traditional shape which means the length of the bat is of a traditional length and the length of the handle will be likewise of traditional length. The traditional handle length on this bat is 295mm.


The GM Chrome comes fitted with the Dynamic Grip. The dynamic grip is known to give the batsman absolute comfort and control over the bat. This is done by having a different texture for the top hand of the grip to the bottom hand of the grip. This is significant as the top and bottom hands on the bat have different functions and GM has catered to that with their Dynamic Grip.


The GM Chromes comes with a toe guard fitted as standard.


The handle of the GM Chrome cricket bat is made from premium cane. It is a semi-oval handle which is the preference of most cricketers for providing comfort and control.

GM Now!

GM has a great track record in the durability of their bats. Much of that is thanks to GM Now! The GM Chrome cricket bat for 2015 also comes with GM Now, which means that the bat has had DriGuard applied to resist damp and prevent swelling at the toe of the bat. Raw linseed oil has been applied to reduce the chance of cracking and then clear anti-scuff has been applied to the face and edges to ensure an incredible durable layer on the face of the bat.

GM Chrome Cricket Bat Face

The first thing that strikes you about the GM Chrome Bat is that the face of this cricket is big. That means a lot of areas to really crunch the cricket ball out of. GM has gone with their most popular face profile for the GM Chrome and that is the F4.5 face profile. It is for good reason that it is the most popular cricket bat face profile because it is the most effective, providing power all over the bat. There is a distinct concave in the spine of the bat which gives the GM Chrome bats so much power. The spine is 65mm.


The massive contoured edges at the drive zone of the GM Chrome cricket bat is another great asset that gives lots of power to the sweet spot and even sometimes less powerful areas of the bat. Indeed this bat has power in the shoulders, toe and off the edges. The edges of this bat are 38mm

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