Nike Cricket Shoes

Is there a bigger name in athletic footwear than Nike? Nike is heavily involved in cricket as well, as the kit sponsor of the Indian cricket team, Nike understands that the cricket market is an important one. As such, Nike have produced a really great range of cricket shoes.

Where do I get Nike Cricket Shoes in the USA?

Cricket Store Online is a premium stocker of cricket shoes in the USA. We therefore bring our customers the best value and options on Nike cricket shoes. This means a range of rubber soled cricket shoes and of spiked cricket shoes.

As a cricket store that has the most comprehensive stock of cricket gear and cricket equipment, Cricket Store Online has sales staff that are expertly placed to help you with your Nike cricket shoes purchase. As an experienced US based seller, the prices are always competitive with great rates on shipping. Cricket enthusiasts in the USA have come to love Cricket Store Online for the extremely fast shipping and handling to not only the USA but all over the world.

What is the best Nike Rubber Soled Cricket Shoes available at the moment?

The Nike Potential 2 rubber soled cricket shoes are a new range of rubber soled cricket shoes and they elevate the bar on what a great cricket shoe can be.

What makes Nike cricket shoes so good?

Well, first of all, when you take a look at the mesh upper of the Nike Potential and other Nike cricket shoes, they offer great flexibility, durability and breathability. Those are the three boxes that you want checked when looking for a great cricket shoe.

These cricket shoes also offer superb comfort. Cricketers spend a lot of time on their feet and comfort is a big deal. Added mesh lining on the inside of the shoe creates a more snug fit which in turn means a more comfortable wear of these cricket shoes.

Nike cricket shoes also offer superb traction. Traction is a big deal and it essentially refers to the shoes’ ability to help the person wearing them to retain balance even if the surface is slightly greasy or slippery. The traction on the rubber soled cricket shoes is superb. Nike has technologically raised the bar on the placement of the rubber studs to ensure that their shoes are great for playing on a variety of surfaces.

What about spiked Nike Cricket Shoes?

Nike also offers superb quality on their spiked cricket shoes. From the days of Shaun Pollock with the revolutionary added strapping over the front of the foot to now, Nike has always produced superb spiked cricket shoes.

These spikes are interchangeable and the length of the spike can be chosen, once again based on the nature of the surface.