There are many different types of protection guards available for cricket players, depending on their specific needs. Some guards are designed to protect the batsman's legs from being hit by the ball, while others are made to protect the hands and arms. Most protection guards are made from high-density foam, which offers good protection without being too bulky or uncomfortable to wear. They are usually attached to the batsman's pads with Velcro straps or can be worn over the top of the gloves.

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Types of Cricket Guards

The following are the types of cricket guards that you need to have in your kit bag!

The Chest Guard

A cricket chest guard, also known as a heart guard, is a piece of protective equipment worn by batsmen to protect their chests from being hit by the ball. Chest guards are made from high-density foam, which offers good protection without being too bulky or uncomfortable to wear. Most chest guards are designed to protect the heart and lungs, as these are the body's most vulnerable parts. While facing fast bowling on a bouncy pitch, the cricket chest guard would be an instrumental piece of equipment to protect the vital organs that lay beneath the rib cage.

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The Cricket Arm Guard

The batting gloves protect the fingers and hands but expose the arm. A cricket arm guard is a device worn by a batsman on the arm that is facing the bowler to protect against injury. While some professional cricketers choose to bat without an arm guard, it is highly recommended for amateur or even semi-professional cricketers to wear an arm guard as they are not very efficient in defending fast deliveries that can fracture their hands. The maximum amount of protection ensures the least chance of injury.

Cricket Arm Guard Size Chart:







The Thigh Guard and Inner Thigh Guard

The thigh guard is an essential piece of protective cricket batting equipment. The thighs are left vulnerable above the batting pads. A cricketer, therefore, wears a cricket thigh guard beneath his trousers. This cricket protective equipment is usually ultra-lightweight and usually molds to the shape of the batsman’s thigh after a few uses. You can either get one thigh guard for each leg or a combo of thigh guards attached by velcro straps.

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Cricket Thigh Guards Size Chart:


Length of Main Thigh

Length of Inner Thigh

Small Junior












Abdo Guard

Yes, every cricketer needs this pair of cricket protective equipment as a priority on his cricket equipment list. It is the cricket batting abdo guard. Abdo guard is a critical piece of equipment used to protect the male reproductive organs from severe shocks that can even lead to death. It is essential and compulsory to wear these. These are also very useful for fielders in very close positions and for wicketkeepers standing up to the stumps.

A jock strap type of cricket abdo guard comes with the thigh pad and inner thigh pad as standard. This is found to be more comfortable for some cricketers while others still prefer to have the stand-alone cricket abdo guard. Abdo guard is short for abdomen guard.

A standard-sized abdo guard will work for cricketers over 16, while a youth/junior pad is needed for kids.

Cricket Protection Guards: Maintenance Guide

Most of the guards, including arm guard and abdo guard, are made of solely flexible plastic and can be easily washed under tap water and a gentle rub of soap. Thigh and chest guards sometimes have leather and foam linings that you need to be gentle with. You can use a leather cleaner to clean dust and kill bacteria in the pads and a damp cloth to gently clean the pads.

Don’t be brutal with cleaning your pads as it can damage them; dry the guards properly before storing them and spray a pleasing odor to them at the end.

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