GM Cricket Bats 2019

You should use GM Cricket Bats because:

  1. All GM English Willow DXM bats are designed and produced by our Gunn & Moore's craftsmen and women in their own factory in Nottingham, England

  2. The GM factory is the most technologically advanced in the World

  3. Only GM blend state of the art DXM technology with over 130 years of craft experience

  4. GM has direct and absolute control over every aspect of the bat manufacturing process

  5. GM Bats lead the industry with continuous improvement through Research & Development. GM 2019 bats are our most advanced yet

  6. GM make more bats in England than all other bat brands put together

  7. All GM 2019 DXM bats feature our superlative new livery. More of the blade is on show, we are very proud of our Made In England manufacture and have Nothing To Hide!

No wonder that GM DXM bats are regarded by all as The Best Bats In The World.

Pick up a GM DXM bat and feel the electricity flow! Ask other brands where “their” bats are made and by whom? Ask us, and we will tell you about Kevin, Brian, Robert, Dave, Adrian, Mark, Janice and the whole team. Better still, come and visit the factory in Nottingham and see GM British Manufacturing Excellence leading the World for yourself!