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T20 Cricket Team Uniforms

If you are looking to have your team look the part for the T20 cricket season, you should strongly consider buying the very well priced TYKA custom T20 clothing. There are a multitude of options in terms of colors, branding and of course personalized names and numbers on your custom T20 clothing orders.

Custom Shirts

The most important piece of the custom T20 kit is of course the shirt. This may be a very good time for your club or team to find a title sponsor. Title sponsors can be displayed in the center of the T20 cricket jersey with great prominence. This would include the branding and logo integrity of the company. There are also sponsorship opportunities along the sleeves of the custom T20 jersey and obviously place for the team crest on the chest.

Custom Numbers

There is something very special and something very professional about a custom T20 cricket uniform. It gives team members pride in their club or team and while there is no scientific proof of it, somewhere in the psyche there must be a will for players to play better when they are dressed professionally.

When customizing the T20 uniforms, players of course have the option of putting their names on the back of their kit and of course selecting a number.

Aside from everything else, the actual shirt is of a very high quality with great comfort and ventilation making it ideal for batting, bowling and fielding.

For more information, watch this video.

Custom Trousers

Along with the custom shirts, players also get custom T20 trousers. These obviously are again a really high quality pair of cricket pants. Cricket pants are specific and TYKA make a pair that would meet the rigors of even Test match cricket.

The pants are fully customizable in terms of color as well as putting a logo and a number on them as well.

Custom Caps

Along with the custom shirt and the custom cricket pants, there is of course the custom T20 caps. A complete custom cricket clothing experience has to come with hats as well. Fielding caps are of course an integral part of the game and a custom cap to match the entire matching team outfit screams professionalism of the highest order.

There are also possibilities to customize floppy hats, the wide brimmed fielding hats, made famous by the West Indian Richie Richardson


There is a minimum order of 20 kits when ordering the T20 custom cricket kit clothing experience from TYKA but the value for money if of the highest order. Club Quality $50 for set of Shirt and pants (Min order qty 20) and IPL/International quality is $60 per set of Shirt and Pants (Min qty is 20 sets). This is a great investment in your team, school or club.

Tyka custom T20 clothing is a brand of clothing that is used in the IPL by professional teams. This means that you can rest assured that you are getting an incredible cricket clothing deal at an unbeatable price.

All customizing options are available to USA customers through the Cricket Store Online website.

Note: Coupon codes, discount codes and shipping codes are NOT applicable with Tyka custom made uniform.