Willow Cricket bat stickers - Cricket Store Online

Willow Cricket bat stickers - Cricket Store Online

Willow Cricket bat stickers - Cricket Store Online

Just thought i would start a little topic of players grade bats and wanted to let people know you shouldnt be fooled as not all PLAYERS bats are in fact players grade willow.

I think i will start with my the GM definition of players grade bats.
“ PLAYER EDITION bats are made from LE timber and are finished with prestige PLAYER EDITION identification and superb laser engraved player autographs. GM NOW! and ToeTekTM finish fitted as standard. PLAYER EDITION bat weights cannot be specified and will be “as finished”.[/size]Please note that Team GM product development is a continuous process. PLAYER EDITION configurations shown are those in use by our players at the time of preparation of this Book of Cricket.”

So i think this is a good benchmark for players grade bats.

Kookaburra also have a players grade bats and its also described as being limited edition and something special.
GN also have the GN legend which is also their top of the line bat and is also something limited, even though yesterday i shipped a G2 GN legend to australia as it had 20 grains but clearly had 50% heartwood which would mean its G2 correct??

Now newbery have a Players grade bat as well. the problem is im not sure what players they are talking about here as its clearly not their top of the line willow, which is the SPS.
GN also have a players grade just above the carbo i believe. this is also not PLAYERS grade willow.
My friends at Vindico also have a players plus which is also not Players grade willow as described by GM or Kookaburra.

Can you guys think of any other brands that have named their bats ” PLAYERS ” bats which is not necessarily a scam but rather just  the name they have chosen?

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