SS Ton Hand-Selected Original Player Cricket Bat - Review and Unboxing

SS Ton Hand-Selected Original Player Cricket Bat - Review and Unboxing

SS Ton Hand-Selected Original Player Cricket Bat - Review and Unboxing

In this video, Amar Shah of CSO (Cricket Store Online) takes us on a journey through the second box of the September shipment, revealing an impressive collection of hand-selected cricket bats. These bats are more than just sports equipment; they are precision instruments designed to elevate your game. Crafted with the latest design and technology from SS, they promise both quality and performance. So, here are some highlights from Amar’s review!

SS Himmat Singh Cricket Bat 2023

The first bat is SS Himmat Singh Cricket Bat 2023, a testament to the craftsmanship of both SS and the local player it honors. Crafted from premium grade 1 English willow, this bat boasts 11 straight grains, showcasing its strength and integrity. The distinctive duckbill toe profile adds an element of uniqueness to this bat. The medium-thickness of the round handle cricket bat eliminates the need for additional grips. Weighing 1165 grams, it feels remarkably lighter at 1140 grams during play. Amar's test with a red cricket ball emphasizes the bat's consistency, making it an ideal choice for executing a wide range of shots.

SS Ravindra Jadeja Jaddu RJ8 Cricket Bat 2023

Next up is the SS Ravindra Jadeja Jaddu RJ8 Cricket Bat 2023, featuring the highest grade of English willow available, grade 1+. It arrives with an unfinished toe, adding character to this cricketing marvel. Despite weighing 1165 grams, its design philosophy defies its weight, offering a lighter feel during play. The duckbill toe profile and massive edges are ideal for powerful shots that send the ball sailing over the boundary.

Amar also checked the ping on the bat with the same red ball. The ball bounces effortlessly on the bat’s surface leaving Amar in awe of its excellent ping. Amar reviews two SS Jaddu cricket ats in this video. The second Jaddu bat has subtle variations in grain count and handle design for added versatility.

SS Harnoor Singh Original Player Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Harnoor Singh Original Player Cricket Bat 2023 exemplifies excellence in craftsmanship. Crafted from premium SS Grade 1+ English willow, this bat features an oval handle and bears the signature of Harnoor Singh himself. With 10 straight, dark grains and pre-applied edge tape, this bat is as robust as it is elegant. While it tips the scales at around 1170 grams, its exceptional build ensures it feels 20 grams lighter during pickup. An astonishing ping adds to its allure, making it a top choice for players seeking a lightweight yet premium cricket bat with an oval handle.

SS Dhoni Thala Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Dhoni Thala Cricket Bat 2023 carries forward the legacy of a cricketing icon. Crafted from Grade 1+ English willow, it retains significant edges, measuring around 38-40mm in thickness, along with a toe width of approximately 30mm. Weighing approximately 1150 grams, this bat showcases eleven beautiful and dark grains. Despite its weight, it exhibits a light pickup, feeling more like an 1140-gram bat in hand. The medium round handle enhances its playability, and its exceptional ping ensures you're always ready to deliver those perfectly timed shots.

SS Rinku Singh Original Player Cricket Bat 2023

The SS Rinku Singh Original Player Cricket Bat 2023 is a versatile, full-profile cricket bat without concaving. With 10 dark, consistent grains and a unique concentration of wood in the mid-to-low section of the bat’s face, this bat is a powerhouse. Weighing 1155 grams, it may feel a bit heavier during play, but the payoff is an exceptional ping that underlines its high-quality craftsmanship. The addition of edge tape ensures added durability and protection.

Amar reviews two SS Rinku Singh cricket bats in this video. The other Rinku Singh original bat comes with a duckbill toe profile and differs slightly in its weight and grain count. But they have the same quality and performance overall.

SS Gladiator Cricket Bat 2024

Moving on, we introduce the SS Gladiator Cricket Bat 2024, a rare prototype of the SS Gladiator profile for the year 2024, yet to be officially launched. Crafted from grade 1+ English willow, this bat arrives with the latest Gladiator branding, featuring white color grips and blue color stickering. With nine dark, equidistant grains and a subtle shade of hardwood on the left side of the bat's face, this bat's 1180-gram weight feels remarkably lighter at 1165 grams during pickup. The consistent ping, as highlighted by Amar, makes it a promising choice for cricketers looking to raise their game.

SS Gladiator Cricket Bat 2023

Continuing our exploration, we encounter the SS Gladiator Cricket Bat 2023. Featuring a duckbill toe profile and a profile reminiscent of Moeen Ali's original player bat, this bat is crafted from Grade 1+ English willow and features almost 9 grains. With its huge bulky edges and bottom, it offers power-packed shots. Although it weighs around 1190 grams, its pickup feels more like 1170 grams, ensuring you're always in control. A fantastic ping adds to the overall experience, making it a perfect choice for players seeking a powerful cricket bat.

Amar reviews two SS Gladiator cricket bats in this video. The second Gladiator bat has a different grain count and is a bit heavier than the first gladiator bat. It also comes with an unfinished toe which means that it is definitely a player cricket bat. The bat pings just like a player bat too.


In conclusion, this review of the latest SS cricket bats from the September shipment highlights the brand's unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. From Gladiator bats to the powerful Jaddu RJ8, each offering is a testament to SS's dedication to crafting superior cricket equipment.

These bats, with their premium materials and thoughtful designs, cater to players of all levels, from local cricket enthusiasts to international stars. SS's blend of tradition and innovation ensures that you have the tools to elevate your game and make your mark on the cricket pitch. So, whether you're seeking power, precision, or a combination of both, SS has a cricket bat that suits your style. To explore these bats further, visit Cricket Store Online.


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